April 1, 2023

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The reputation of the British Prime Minister and his party deteriorated after a series of scandals

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In a poll released on Saturday, the approval rating of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his ruling Conservative Party fell after a series of scandals, with a majority of voters now believing he should resign.

Johnson has faced criticism in a number of areas in recent weeks, from funding the renovation of his Downing Street residence to claiming he intervened to ensure the evacuation of pets from Kabul during the chaotic Western withdrawal operation in August.

The Downing Street Party’s statements caused so much damage when it was locked out at Christmas 2020 that such celebrations were banned, and last week a video of employees laughing and making fun was aired.

Opinion, an Observer newspaper, found support for the Conservative Party, which has had a solid lead in the polls since its landslide victory in the 2019 election, fell 4 points to 32 percent, while support for the opposition Labor Party rose to 41 percent. The biggest improvement in one year in 2014.

Johnson’s personal rating also fell to its lowest level since the election, 14 points lower than it was two weeks ago. The poll also shows that 57 percent of voters think he should resign, up from 48 percent two weeks ago.


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