March 25, 2023

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The return of our ambassador to Paris is linked to its full respect for Algeria

The return of our ambassador to Paris is linked to its full respect for Algeria

Algerian President Abdelmadjit Deboun has confirmed the return of his ambassador to the country France Paris conditionally paid full respect to the Algerian state, saying “they must forget that this was at one time a French colony.”

DePune’s reports came during a meeting with local media this evening and Sunday, and its activities will be broadcast on local channels at 9pm Algerian time.

The meeting touched on a number of local and regional issues, official television reported this afternoon.

Last Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed hope that diplomatic tensions with Algeria would end soon. In an interview with France Inter Radio, he said, “We hope we can calm things down because I think it’s good to talk to each other and move forward.”

He also stressed that he has “very friendly” relations with Algerian President Abdelmadjit Debou.

Withdraw the messenger

Debon’s statements came after Algeria summoned its ambassador to Paris last Saturday, with reports from the French newspaper “Le Monde” that French President Emmanuel Macron had rewritten the history of Algeria’s “political-military regime” based on Algeria’s French colonialism. Simultaneously led to the Algerian response. The next day, Algerian authorities closed the airspace for French military planes, as announced by the French military.

The spark of this tension was ignited last week by France’s announcement to reduce the number of visas available to citizens of the Maghreb countries, which officially provoked opposition in Algeria.

Experts believe that while Macron views Macron’s criticism of its “political-military” system as an “election” background, it also reflects the French president’s dissatisfaction with the apparent failure of the policy of repairing memory between the two countries.

Flag of France and Algeria

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Tragic memory

There have been many tragedies in the history of relations between the two countries due to the country’s long-standing French colonialism, and despite the bilateral steps taken by both sides in this field, the wounds still have not healed, especially after the election of Macron, who acknowledged the grave. Mistakes made by the colonialists.

In 2020, the two countries agreed to work on the memory of researchers from both shores of the Mediterranean with the aim of achieving “reconciliation”. French historian Benjamin Stora submitted his report to Macron in January, urging France to take “symbolic action” but “without apology or repentance.”

But a month later, Algeria dismissed the report as “subjective” and lamented France’s “lack of official recognition of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during Algeria’s 130 – year occupation.”