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The Rise of the “Two Clips” Star in the Arabian Peninsula


Aug 12 2022 02:21

Ibrahim Saleem (Abu Dhabi)
The rise of the star “Qalibin” began in the center of the Arabian Peninsula, it appears from August 11, and is visible on the southeastern horizon, and coincides with the rise of the sixth prosody of summer. and the eighth position of the Moon, which is called the “glebin.”
And the “two clips” are the southern stars, and it is mentioned that they come from “Al-Qalb”, which means effort and thirst, because they appear at the end of the heat, and the time of the pressing “weaknesses” is the weather”, which is characterized by high humidity and the persistence of high temperatures.
Ibrahim Al-Zarwan, chairman of the board of directors of the Emirates Astronomical Society, said that with the rise of the “caliphs”, surface water recedes, toxins and storms subside, humidity increases and pomegranates and grapes begin to ripen. Arabian Peninsula, Hoopoe, Income and Safari etc.
He said: In the Emirates, during this period, some plants bloom: astragalus, al-Ashgar, al-Marq, sapphire, bells, bitter melon, al-Ashraj, lath, mulberry and some types of acacia. Consuming cold food and drinks, curd from milk, bathing in cold water is desirable in prose.
Along with the rising of the stem or “Klipin,” some natural changes occur as the land cools and the season of changing rum and palm shoots begins, and the Suhail star is seen in the southern part of Arabia. peninsula, and its rise predates the period of the “Corridor of Suhail”. Prose stars rise, including the 3 stars that the Arabs believed to be a tablet spread out by a lion as a piece of cloud. And they will say: The lion stretched out his arms, then spread out, and the stem is the star of the beehive and has the number M44 of the classification of nebulae, galaxies and star clusters, and is an open star cluster. Constellation Cancer and “Galileo” first observed it through his telescope and saw that it exceeded 40 stars.
Al-Jarwan mentioned the statement of the Arab scholar: “If the scattered seed came out, the sandalwood was harvested, the dates were harvested with a spool, cattle were given a room, and not a drop was left. Same fold.”
He added: It is said that if a feather falls, one eye looks at the ground, and if the forehead falls, it is seen with both eyes. She saw with one eye, which meant that the earth was hard for the plant, and she saw with both eyes, which meant that because it was hot and sour, it became more and more hard for the plant. It is the first star of the season of “Al-Qayt Relaxers” as the flavor of a ripe date becomes heavy and the necklace or rope around the camel’s neck loosens due to weakness. At the end of the dry season, the camel’s laxity. It is said: A camel does not yearn for water except when it rises to the status of “Qalibin”.
Al-Jarwan said: The Arabs of the desert called my donkeys the Greeks “Klipin” which means thirst, the Titans “Titans”.