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The rooster follows his biological clock, not the day! – DW – 1/7/2024


The rooster does not crow Sunrise Not only that, it repeats throughout the day. Take a break from shouting Only at night, the howling starts again at sunrise. For this reason, the rooster crow is associated with sunrise and the beginning of a new day. But does a rooster crow at sunrise? A previous study, the results of which were published on the German SWR TV website, revealed surprising results.

A long-standing belief is that roosters start crowing when they see the first rays of sunlight. But it seems the rooster doesn't need the sun at all. He often starts screaming before dusk, before the first rays of the sun appear. In a 2013 study by Japanese scientists, they observed the behavior of several roosters. Some of these have been exposed Roosters In constant dim light, she can no longer objectively determine the time of day. However, they continued to do so for weeks, starting with a casual early morning rant. This indicates that the rooster follows its biological clock.

A French rooster wins a court case against his human neighbor

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Lots of yelling during the day!

As humans relate Biological clock Roosters obey the constant patterns of nature, including daylight, but do not need light as a signal to start crowing every morning. However, light generally has a certain effect on it. He noticed researchers Only then can you change the lighting levels, sometimes brighter and other times darker. Rooster crows frequently during bright light.

Researchers have also found that hearing another rooster crow can encourage one rooster to crow. This is what is observed early in the morning In rural areas, when one rooster starts crowing, another soon follows, and so on. All of this works through the rooster's biological clock.

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