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The United Arab Emirates has two achievements in eliminating the “corona”.


Official statistics on the latest developments in the “Govit-19” data in the United Arab Emirates show that 189 new cases of the “Kovit-19” corona virus were recorded in 420 days. Since August 10, 179 cases of corona virus infection have been reported in the country.

Statistics Recovery rates from “Govit-19” have increased to 99% of the total cases registered in the country since the virus appeared, and the percentage of people vaccinated against “corona” reached 84.2% of the total population, contributing to a decrease in the number of active cases to 4959 cases, all of which are stable and Subject to the necessary health care.

Figures released by the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics show that the rate of daily injuries fell to 2.5 per 100,000 last week until October 4, while the recovery rate rose to 3.3 per 100,000. The mortality rate from total injuries is 0% per 100,000 people, while the rate of positive injuries from total examinations is reduced by 0.1%, which contributes to the continuity of the UAE, one of the best flexible countries in the world in dealing with epidemics, thanks to the exploration of future vision and performance plans and innovative solutions.

While commenting from time to time on developments related to the “Govit-19” epidemic, health officials in the country said that the indicators for recovery from “Corona” reflect the strength and effectiveness of the UAE health system globally. The perspective of the country in dealing with the “corona” epidemic, and the establishment of specialized hospitals across the country “Kovit-19” In addition to receiving and treating patients, staff and medical supplies and strategic reserves. Health officials pointed out that the precautionary and preventive measures taken by the government to prevent the spread of the disease not only provide the world with the latest treatments, but also increase the number of drug chotrofimab, and early trials. Early detection of cases infected with the corona virus and counting and isolating those who came in contact with them and trapping the virus using artificial intelligence greatly contributed to the speed of recovery.

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.2 84.2% of the population in the country is vaccinated against “corona”.

Higher treatment rate

Abu Dhabi Health Services has confirmed its interest in providing the latest treatment for the growing corona virus “Govit-19” patients, which has significantly contributed to the recovery rate of victims in recent months.

The use of the world’s latest antiviral drug “Chotrovimab” proved its effectiveness in treatment and achieved excellent results in a short period of time because it rushed to treat patients with “Kovit-19” (Chotrovimab), once approved for emergency use in Abu Dhabi under the supervision of the Department of Health.

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