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The second season of ‘Emily in Paris’ is less of a cultural shock


Paris– The series is backEmily in ParisThe successful American finally had a second season via “Netflix”, which sparked booking bookings for City of Lights.

But its writer and protagonist promises the AFP it will be “less cultural shock.”

As for the main character of the series, it was clear that he spoke a little better in French.

“Emily in Paris”, Netflix’s recent success, reaffirms stereotypes about the “City of Lights”.

French stereotype

Although it is still inaccurate in the meanings of the words in the second season.
Along with the presentation of the first season of the Angry Reactions series, which centered on the adventures of a young American marketing manager in a humorous style, he worked as a French consultant from Chicago to Paris. Company that sells luxury goods.

A view from Amelie in Paris
A view from Amelie in Paris

The series angered most French critics, who were upset to see exaggerated stereotypes about the Pharisees, portraying them as ruthless to neighbors or customers.

Or arrogant, lazy and harassing colleagues with new American colleagues who do not speak French and do not travel the subway.

Although the “maid’s room” may seem bigger than a small stone like this when Emily lives in an apartment, she has a lot of clothes, and she doesn’t understand that either.

But the series was a huge success, becoming the most popular comedy on Netflix by 2020 (amidst the COVID-19 epidemic it was viewed by 58 million families worldwide in the 28 days since its release).

Paris in a new way

With this series the tweets of foreign viewers, mostly Americans, announced that its publishers dreamed of living in the French capital.

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There are plenty of episodes in the series with breathtaking photos of Sean and its boats, the fully illuminated Eiffel Tower and the Blaze Vosjes.

As well as the terraces of lively Parisian restaurants and cafes and the coastal city of Saint-Tropez.

In the midst of these scenes, the plot becomes more complicated for the heroine Emily, who falls in love with her lovely next door house cook Gabriel (Luca Bravo) and becomes the boyfriend of her new friend Cami (Cami). Rasad).

A view from Amelie in Paris
A view from Amelie in Paris

Darren Starr, the series’ screenwriter and executive producer, says these “postcard” style scenes are not in the second season.

In an interview with Agency France-Presse via “Zoom”, Starr said the view of the Paris series was “even more captivating, deliberate”.

Emily changes

But Emily “lives her life in season two and knows a lot about French customs. When differences are exposed (…) she is not equally surprised and less of a cultural shock, ”he explains.

“People can interpret this as a reaction to criticism,” says the screenwriter.

Emily in Paris
Emily in Paris

But in reality it is a natural development of her personality because any person is more and more absorbed in the (new) environment in which she lives.

“The successful series will last at least five seasons,” Starr said.

“A character can’t live all of its experiences in one season,” he stressed.

“It’s important for us that my character is immersed in French culture and language,” actress Lily Collins told AFP.

The protagonist “begins to follow the lessons of learning the French language, and then became more familiar with the Moliere language,” he explained.

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Dornstar comments, “She’s been trying, but as someone who has been learning French for years, (I can say) it did not happen overnight.”

Although Emily initially looked like an elephant in a pottery shop, in season two Lily Collins, the daughter of artist Bill Collins, tells her French colleagues “what she is”.

Also, I feel like Nicole Kidman if there are phrases like “The whole city (movie) + Rattadool +” or “I (Cabaret) + Moulin Rouge +”.

Suspended by episodes of Season One, Dornstar develops this ambition of Paris in Season Two and begins to develop the character of Alfie, a British man who reluctantly takes French lessons in the same class with Emily.

In response to Emily promising that Paris is a “city of love”, Alfie says, “This city is portrayed as a city of love in books, movies and Instagram.

But the truth is, cigarette smoke, trash (dog) waste, tourist traps (…), traffic jams everywhere and high prices in restaurants.

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