January 27, 2023

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Weather forecast: Unpredictable weather and rain forecast for next Thursday to Saturday

Revealed Meteorological CommissionFrom Thursday, December 30, 2021 to Saturday, January 1, 2022, the weather will be unpredictable, with rains of varying intensity from the north of the country to northern Upper Egypt.

Further, the Meteorological Department said that this would be accompanied by wind activity and disruptions to maritime traffic in the Mediterranean and that updates of maps of the numerical models are ongoing.

Tomorrow, Monday, the Meteorological Department expects the temperature to continue to drop, with moderate weather prevailing in Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt during the day, with the northern coasts and northern Upper Egypt cooler. Heat in southern Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, very cold at night in all parts, until frost in the middle of the Sinai.

The Met Office forecast early morning fog and light rain over Greater Cairo, lower Egypt, northern beaches, canal cities, central Sinai and some roads leading to and from northern Upper Egypt tomorrow. Northwest coast, between Halaeb and Shaladin.

Tomorrow, Monday will be 19 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius, Greater Alexandria 18 and smaller 12 degrees, Big Matro 18 degrees and lower 10 degrees, Sohag a maximum of 19 degrees and a minimum of 08 degrees, a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 08 degrees Celsius. And large aswan 22 degrees with a minimum of 10 degrees

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