March 28, 2023

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The secret of "Omicron" ... is the meaning of the name of the new mutant

The secret of “Omicron” … is the meaning of the name of the new mutant

Around the world, doctors and specialists are busy searching for details New mutant From the corona described as worrying, thousands of followers of the development of the infection have wondered why they call it “Omigron”.

What is “Omicron”?

However, the secret of the name that the World Health Organization unveiled yesterday New multi-mutant mutantIt seems so simple.

Omigron means “o” in Greek and the fifteenth letter of its alphabet.

The answer to why this character is called a growing strain is simple.

Greek characters

Since the emergence of Govt 19 in late 2018, the United Nations has used characters such as “alpha, beta, gamma and delta” from the Greek alphabet to name the mutants that appeared.

A spokesman for the organization explained earlier that when rumors began circulating in China that a “hehehe” mutant had appeared – which later turned out to be an unfounded rumor – a panel of experts affiliated with the World Organization recommended its use. Greek alphabet to facilitate non-experts.

He also confirmed that experts do not usually give names of cities or countries to corona mutants.

It is noteworthy that the World Health Advisory Council yesterday announced that the new mutation, first discovered in South Africa, is highly contagious and alarming, naming it “Omicron”.

A European health agency later declared the risk of spreading in Europe “high to high”.

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