May 28, 2023

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The series aims to free Monica Lewinsky

The series aims to free Monica Lewinsky

Next month, a TV series about the removal of former US President Bill Clinton will be aired in depth, and the star of the series, Benny Beltstein, hopes to “release” Monica Lewinsky in the eyes of some viewers.

The producers of the series, the day before yesterday, before the September premiere on Walt Disney’s “FX” network, said Lewinsky, an extraordinary participant (Impeachment: American Crime Story), “Impeachment: American Crime Story.”

Lewinsky gave his reaction to the scripts, accepting what the former coach-turned-star Feldstein had said.

Feldstein said, “She befriended Lewinsky, whom she (Kovit-19) met in person before the outbreak, and exchanged texts and videos with her.”

Feldstein said at the ceremony at the Television Critics ‘Association, “She is incredibly affectionate. When we started filming, I considered her her bodyguard. She told Winski:’ I will support you. I know how you feel. “

Lewinsky began a relationship with Clinton when she was 22 years old. Before Clinton initially apologized, she denied having such a relationship. The House of Representatives falsely accused him and withdrew confidence from him, but the Senate acquitted him.

“At the time she was too young to get any impression of what had happened, but she heard negative memories, and it was very important that she come out and be destroyed,” Felstein said.

The producers said, “Lewinsky was ridiculous, her appearance and her actions were criticized, but she could not speak freely because of a contract that gave her immunity from prosecution.”

“Our story was somewhat reconstructed by Monica Lewinsky, with no connection to the real person,” said writer Sarah Burgess.

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I said to Winsky: “I will support you. I know how you feel.”

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