March 25, 2023

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The "Sharjah Book" site reveals the secrets of the ancient techniques of Italian knitting art

The “Sharjah Book” site reveals the secrets of the ancient techniques of Italian knitting art

Sharjah (Union)

The Italian publication “Turo Collection” was featured at the fortieth session of the “Sharjah International Book Fair”, which is an excellent platform that offers its own experience in integrating the techniques and secrets of Italian bookbinding with contemporary technology. Audiences with decorated volumes representing masterpieces that protect book sheets from damage and time of factors.
Salvador Giorgio Dino, founder and CEO of the Toro Collection, involves creating books of unparalleled value with the aim of creating book-binding mechanisms that combine antiquity and contemporaneity that will survive over time and become a cultural heritage from generation to generation. .
He said: “The true Italian spirit pervades our craft labs, where, in the heart of Rome, deep roots penetrate and influence the formation of volumes today, where culture, tradition, art and innovation meet.

  • “Toro Collection” from home

He added, “We are delighted to be participating in the Sharjah International Book Fair, one of the most important and important international exhibitions specializing in the world of books and publishing, to highlight our craftsmanship and innovation.”
Inside the Italian pavilion, the Toro collection showcases its many innovations, unique works and custom prints, namely the Lamborghini DNA book, of which 250 numbered copies were made, and all copies were hand-crafted by talented craftsmen and artists. According to ancient bonding techniques.
The house also displays the “Golden Horse” book, which expresses the relationship between the horse and man through the reading of poems and legends. , According to medieval traditions, the covers of the folder were lined with silk in red leather, and printed with a golden Greek inscription depicting galloping horses, and the cards were completely covered with two bronzes. Sculptures, engraved in 24 carat gold and gilded.

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