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The Sheikh Khalifa Best Award announces the names of the prize winners for 2021


Today, the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Awards Closing Ceremony at the Chamber Tower for 2021, where award-winning companies and organizations present their diamond, gold and silver varieties, as well as the newly created category (Famous Elite category), and the number of winning companies ( 21) Company and Institution.

The ceremony was attended by His Excellency Mohammed Ali Al Shurafa, Head of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development and Saeed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, Chairman of the Awards Summit Committee. The ceremony was attended by Chairman Abdullah Mohammed Al Masroui, Board of Directors of the Abu Dhabi Room, and members of the Board of Directors of the Abu Dhabi Chamber and members of the Summit Committee, namely Dr. Mohammed Salem Al Taheri, Yusuf Ali, Mohammed Hilal Al Muhairi, Abu Dhabi Chamber And many senior government officials, corporate and private sector representatives.

Special compliment

Saeed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim said: “The Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Awards always celebrates excellence and excellence, and the nineteenth session of the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Awards is exceptional to all grades and its annual function. The award office undertook a digital transition and automatic transition to remote work.

This contributed to the work and performance of the award with high efficiency and low cost, and digital and smart transitions led to the almost permanent availability of award office services, pointing out introductory seminars and special presentations. Workshops at all local levels of participants and participants in various categories of the award. Participants from the United Arab Emirates, the Region and Cooperation and the Middle East, and a wide range of local, regional and international experts collaborating with the award program at the show sites and the Abu Dhabi Institute of Trade and Industry.

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Domain Visits

Institutional assessment work for all participants was also carried out through remote assessment, which included all the tasks assigned to them to meet all the needs of the participants, including field trips. The review evaluation model indicates that meetings of international arbitral tribunals were made through the visual platforms of the award-making project by various categories, so that the final results of the participants were approved after careful and thorough review. To ensure the validity and integrity of all entries for technical feedback reports on the evaluation team leaders and performance. Accordingly, the judging panels submitted their nominations to the High Committee of the Awards, which approved the results.

Despite the challenges and exceptional circumstances mentioned during the closed period, the award achieved many unprecedented additions and achievements, the most important of which was the launch of the Excellence Elite category. The wide and wide recognition it has received. The award has been presented over the past ten years as it has become a representative and strategic partner of many leading international companies and organizations that specialize in quality, excellence, innovation, standardization and more. Others include the European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM, the International Commission for International Innovation and the certified inventors IAOIP and the International Organization for Standardization GBN, and many other international actors.

This category is specifically designated for reputable local or international organizations and organizations with high reputation and recognized institutional maturity by winning prestigious local, regional or international awards such as Government Awards from the Fourth Generation. Prestigious international awards such as the Emirates, or European International Award EFQM Global, American Award, Japanese Timing Award or other related awards.

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Such companies participating in the elite system should be functional performance indicators – technical, administrative and financial – an example locally and internationally, and also a benchmark for international standards. Technology Management for the Award has developed an integrated regulatory framework for participating local and international organizations based on the latest scientific and practical ideas and experience in the field of excellence, agility and organizational flexibility so that companies can respond to changes around the world today, and then effectively address the risks and challenges they face in the business sector Manage.

Quantum flow

This practical framework for the SKEA 2021 Award represents a quality leap in quality and organizational excellence, and sets the scientific and professional precedent for the Sheikh Khalifa Outstanding Award. , Which is growing and intensifying year by year.

The current session of the awards witnessed a significant increase of more than 30% in the number of participants in all sectors including industry, service, business, professional and others and the level of performance of all participants. Significant progress has been made in all aspects of local and international evaluation and judging panel, award standards and technical requirements.

On the other hand, the number of evaluators, especially citizens of the country, has increased significantly in size and quality because the number of members of the evaluation committees is more than 250, half of whom are citizens of the country.

The Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, presented 23 years ago, is the first honor bestowed on the head of state in the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh. Caliph bin Saeed Al Nahyan, may God protect him and shine a crown and a medal on his head.

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Historic success

For their part, the representatives of the award-winning companies and organizations at the 19th session of the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Awards program expressed their delight with this tremendous achievement, which adds to the historic success of their companies and organizations. , Positively motivates and motivates them to continue their hard, comprehensive and excellent work, which achieves the best in quality. Creativity, which fulfills the aspirations of employees and increases customer satisfaction.


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