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The Sheikh Khalifa Best Award announces the names of the prize winners for 2021




Today, the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Awards Closing Ceremony at the Chamber Tower for 2021, where award-winning companies and organizations present their diamond, gold and silver varieties, as well as the newly created category (Famous Elite category), and the number of winning companies ( 21) Company and Institution.

The ceremony was attended by His Excellency Mohammed Ali Al Shurafa, Head of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development and Saeed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, Chairman of the Awards Summit Committee. The ceremony was attended by Chairman Abdullah Mohammed Al Masroui, Board of Directors of the Abu Dhabi Room, and members of the Board of Directors of the Abu Dhabi Chamber and members of the Summit Committee, namely Dr. Mohammed Salem Al Taheri, Yusuf Ali, Mohammed Hilal Al Muhairi, Abu Dhabi Chamber And many senior government officials, corporate and private sector representatives.

Special compliment

Saeed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim said: “The Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Awards always celebrates excellence and excellence, and the nineteenth session of the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Awards is exceptional to all grades and its annual function. The award office undertook a digital transition and automatic transition to remote work.

This contributed to the work and performance of the award with high efficiency and low cost, and digital and smart transitions led to the almost permanent availability of award office services, pointing out introductory seminars and special presentations. Workshops at all local levels of participants and participants in various categories of the award. Participants from the United Arab Emirates, the Region and Cooperation and the Middle East, and a wide range of local, regional and international experts collaborating with the award program at the show sites and the Abu Dhabi Institute of Trade and Industry.

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Domain Visits

Institutional assessment work for all participants was also carried out through remote assessment, which included all the tasks assigned to them to meet all the needs of the participants, including field trips. The review evaluation model indicates that meetings of international arbitral tribunals were made through the visual platforms of the award-making project by various categories, so that the final results of the participants were approved after careful and thorough review. To ensure the validity and integrity of all entries for technical feedback reports on the evaluation team leaders and performance. Accordingly, the judging panels submitted their nominations to the High Committee of the Awards, which approved the results.

Despite the challenges and exceptional circumstances mentioned during the closed period, the award achieved many unprecedented additions and achievements, the most important of which was the launch of the Excellence Elite category. The wide and wide recognition it has received. The award has been presented over the past ten years as it has become a representative and strategic partner of many leading international companies and organizations that specialize in quality, excellence, innovation, standardization and more. Others include the European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM, the International Commission for International Innovation and the certified inventors IAOIP and the International Organization for Standardization GBN, and many other international actors.

This category is specifically designated for reputable local or international organizations and organizations with high reputation and recognized institutional maturity by winning prestigious local, regional or international awards such as Government Awards from the Fourth Generation. Prestigious international awards such as the Emirates, or European International Award EFQM Global, American Award, Japanese Timing Award or other related awards.

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Such companies participating in the elite system should be functional performance indicators – technical, administrative and financial – an example locally and internationally, and also a benchmark for international standards. Technology Management for the Award has developed an integrated regulatory framework for participating local and international organizations based on the latest scientific and practical ideas and experience in the field of excellence, agility and organizational flexibility so that companies can respond to changes around the world today, and then effectively address the risks and challenges they face in the business sector Manage.

Quantum flow

This practical framework for the SKEA 2021 Award represents a quality leap in quality and organizational excellence, and sets the scientific and professional precedent for the Sheikh Khalifa Outstanding Award. , Which is growing and intensifying year by year.

The current session of the awards witnessed a significant increase of more than 30% in the number of participants in all sectors including industry, service, business, professional and others and the level of performance of all participants. Significant progress has been made in all aspects of local and international evaluation and judging panel, award standards and technical requirements.

On the other hand, the number of evaluators, especially citizens of the country, has increased significantly in size and quality because the number of members of the evaluation committees is more than 250, half of whom are citizens of the country.

The Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, presented 23 years ago, is the first honor bestowed on the head of state in the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh. Caliph bin Saeed Al Nahyan, may God protect him and shine a crown and a medal on his head.

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Historic success

For their part, the representatives of the award-winning companies and organizations at the 19th session of the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Awards program expressed their delight with this tremendous achievement, which adds to the historic success of their companies and organizations. , Positively motivates and motivates them to continue their hard, comprehensive and excellent work, which achieves the best in quality. Creativity, which fulfills the aspirations of employees and increases customer satisfaction.


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A pilot project to manage the carbon footprint of SMEs in the region



A pilot project to manage the carbon footprint of SMEs in the region

Emirates NBD Bank, Ergovan, a company specializing in climate and financial technology, has recently launched a pilot project to promote the banking investment and dissemination of its solution “Azlat” for managing carbon emissions among small and medium enterprises. region.

A proof-of-concept project has been implemented with Ekos Electric, a client of Denizbank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Emirates NBD Group of small and medium-sized enterprises, a report said yesterday. The customized solution “Azelat” proved its role as a key tool that enabled Ecos Electric to identify the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions and implement campaigns to reduce these emissions based on the data.

This successful pilot project highlights the great potential of the “Azlet” solution based on the SaaS concept, enabling companies and financial partners to better understand and reduce their carbon emissions.

Emirates NBD and Ergovan announced their plans to expand the scope of the program to include small and medium enterprises in the UAE to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Vijay Bains, Emirates NBD Group Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of Environment and Social Management, said: “The introduction of Ergovan’s Aslat solution confirms the bank’s commitment to driving the green transition in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey region.”

He continued: “The bank aims to bridge the digital divide and adopt sustainable practices in line with global environmental goals for customers in the region. By providing digital resources that support environmental, social and corporate governance practices, the Bank seeks to help its customers reduce their environmental footprint, contributing to the Bank’s broader climate goals and affirming its position as a responsible financial institution with a forward-looking perspective. .”

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For his part, Paresh Palat, CEO and co-founder of Ergovan, said: “Ergovan’s Aslot solution provides an easy way to manage the carbon footprint of companies of all sizes, and meets the need of the financial sector. Qualitative Data on Emissions.”

In turn, Tonahan Akbaş, Vice President of Ecos Electric, said: “This collaboration to use the (Azelt) solution (Ergovan) is the first step for our company to measure and manage our carbon footprint as we promised. The platform’s proof-of-concept project allowed us to identify the most important sources of our carbon emissions and take direct action to reduce them.

In the same context, Verda Berel Yuzer Oguz, Executive Vice President and Head of the Department of Financial Institutions and Integration of Environmental, Social and Governance Affairs at Denisbank, said: “Our cooperation with (Erguvan) has taken concrete steps on the path of decarbonization. , and the proof-of-concept project implemented in collaboration with… (ECOS Electric) is a solid proof of the Bank’s broad ambitions in the field of climate action.

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Suhail Al Mazrouei: 200 billion dirhams in clean energy investments by 2030



Suhail Al Mazrouei: 200 billion dirhams in clean energy investments by 2030

Minister of Energy and Infrastructure His Highness Suhail Al Masrouei said the UAE has set a target of tripling the contribution of renewable energy over the next seven years and will pump in Dh200 billion in investments to ensure the country meets its growing energy needs. Rapid economic growth, and increasing the share of installed clean energy to 30%.

In his speech at the opening of the ninth session of the World Green Economy Summit, he said the summit is proving to be a driving force for the global transition to a green economy.

Indicating that the UAE is focused on improving preparedness for the future, preparing policies and strategies and adopting a proactive approach that supports global leadership, it has announced a number of policies and strategies that support a proactive approach, including the UAE Energy Strategy 2050. and the National Hydrogen Strategy.

Improve performance

His Excellency added: “We aim to reduce energy consumption by improving efficiency by up to 45% by 2050. The National Hydrogen Strategy is part of the country’s initiatives and plans to invest in clean energy sources and support global efforts to promote environmental sustainability. To achieve the country’s goals of achieving climate neutrality by 2050 represents a decisive instrument.

The strategy aims to develop local capacities to produce 1.4 million metric tons of low-emission hydrogen per year by 2031 and increase production to 15 million tons by 2050.

Clean energy

The Honorable Minister said: “Energy and infrastructure are at the heart of the transition to a green economy, including energy, infrastructure, transport and buildings, each of which has many opportunities for deep decarbonisation, as clean energy is a key requirement for building a strong green economy, and the UAE is in the transition to clean energy. invests.

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Several projects are now on-line and others are under development, and over the next seven years, we aim to increase our clean energy capacity to 19.8 GW.


Regarding the transport sector, the Honorable Minister of Energy and Infrastructure said: We plan to increase the share of electric and hybrid vehicles to 50% of the total number of vehicles on our roads by 2050. To expand our network of electric car charging stations, we may be the first country to establish a soon-to-be-announced pricing mechanism that will incentivize the private sector to invest in electric vehicle charging stations.

His Excellency pointed to the infrastructure sector’s focus on developing low-carbon building materials and implementing sustainable building practices, with a focus on the circular economy.

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The Future of Online Trading: Innovations and Trends in UAE Platforms



The online trading landscape in the UAE is evolving rapidly, driven by innovative technologies, changing consumer behaviors, and new regulations. Multiple trends are shaping the future of online trading platforms in the country and for anyone keen to get involved with online trading, the UAE is a great place to be.

App-Based Trading

One major innovation is the rise of mobile and app-based trading platforms. As smartphone penetration deepens across the UAE, there is a growing demand for trading apps that offer convenience, flexibility, and quick access to financial markets. Leading UAE brokers now provide feature-rich trading apps alongside traditional desktop platforms. These apps employ technologies like AI and ML to enable swift trade execution, real-time market data, advanced charting and analytics, and more. The apps also incorporate modern security protocols like face/fingerprint recognition. As per recent estimates, the majority of all online trades in the UAE now happen via mobile apps.

If you want to use the best trading platform in UAE, do some research to see which one has all the features you need to get started with mobile trading.

Social Trading in the UAE

Social trading is another emerging concept that is gaining significant interest in the country. By integrating social networking with financial trading, social trading networks like EToro allow novice traders to observe and replicate the trading strategies of experienced investors in the network. Leveraging collective intelligence can boost success rates for new traders. According to surveys, over half of millennial traders in the UAE show a willingness to explore copy trading.

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Crypto Trading in the UAE

As cryptocurrency adoption rises globally, leading UAE trading platforms have also started integrating popular crypto assets. Platforms like eToro and Robinhood now allow users to trade major cryptocurrencies alongside regular financial assets. Hybrid trading combining both traditional shares and crypto coins is set for robust growth in the coming decade. However, regulations are changing all the time in this emerging space, so it pays to be vigilant.

The UAE has observed strong initiatives aimed at investor protection and risk reduction in online trading. Emirates Security and Commodities Authority (ESCA) regularly issues new guidelines for brokers to mandate better compliance, accountability, and transparency. Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations are also being more strongly enforced now. Such reforms will likely accelerate the adoption of licensed, supervised trading platforms that offer adequate safeguards to traders.

Looking ahead, the UAE online trading industry will see continued innovation in the coming years. Cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, predictive analytics, and VR are being integrated into platforms to enable more seamless, flexible and secure trading experiences. As economic expansion and startup activity remains robust in the country, more brokers are also targeting the UAE market. Both international players and homegrown startups are expected to disrupt the trading space with unique value propositions and offerings tailored for local consumer needs. Robust growth supported by financial regulators will solidify UAE’s position as the premier online trading hub of the Middle East region in the coming decade.

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