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The story of an Italian monk who isolated himself on an island for 33 years. This is how he came to life for the first time.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – For 33 years, Mauro Morandi lived as a monk alone on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

Morandi, also known as the Italian Robinson Crusoe, lived in an old stone hut on the island’s shores, overlooking the Italian island of Bodelli in Sardinia. Despite experiencing his loneliness and submitting to the stillness of nature, this monk is not far from social media sites and his loyal followers.

Abandoning the hustle and bustle of social life and the best food and every comfort, Morandi lived as a devout monk, taught the importance of self-reflection and thought, nurtured by his only friends, birds and cats, and his blessed world ending at breakneck speed on the coral-dusty pink shore.

Morandi complied with that ruling in May, after years of opposition to the Marine Park Authority’s desire to deport him to turn the island into an environmental laboratory. He left after issuing a sharp resignation letter – “my sperm is broken” which means “I’m not sick”.

It can be hard for anyone to live in a home and enjoy a new life, so what will it be like for an 82-year-old man who has been a monk on Paradise Island for three decades?

Can we move forward and adapt to the new reality?

“Of course yes!” Morandi told CNN. He continued, “This is not the end of the world. I am living proof that a new second life is possible. Even if you are over 80, you can start all over again because there are other things to experience. This is a completely different world.”

To prove his point, Morandi has been eager to return to civilization in his new life on the island of Lamadalina, a nearby island near Podelli, and he is delighted to discover the joys of life and the conveniences of everyday life.

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New house

Morandi’s new residence in La Madeleine.Thanks: Respect Moro Morandi

With his retirement as a former teacher, Morandi bought an apartment with all the luxuries he had never had before. Morandi is developing her skills as an interviewer. After many years of loneliness, he is eager to talk to people, exchange ideas with them, post photos and comments on social media networks to connect with the world, and write down his memories.

“I have lived alone for a long time since I set foot on the island of Bodelli, and for many years I did not feel like talking to anyone,” he said. Others, being close to them.

Morandi, originally from the village of Modena in northern Italy, accidentally landed at his former home on the island of Bodelli in 1989 while attempting to travel from Italy to Polynesia. He loved Adolescent clear water, its sand and beautiful sunsets. He did not leave it, but became its supervisor.

The story of an Italian monk who isolated himself on an island for 33 years. This is how he first met the city.
The fitted kitchen in Morandi’s new home also includes luxuries not found in his old cottage.Thanks: Respect Moro Morandi

The Italian monk used to meet visitors to the island, but spent most of his time alone. In recent years, he has been able to connect with the virtual community by publishing pictures of the island of Bodelli.

Today, things are different, Morandi lives in her little white house, overlooking her balcony overlooking the vast view of the sea, guaranteeing her privacy far from the hustle and bustle of the tourist island of Lamadalina.

Morandi noted that he had lost his composure in Podelli and was not accustomed to the broken exits outside the noise of cars, trucks and motorcycles, but loved his new environment and found it to be very relaxing.

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The renaissance of love

The story of an Italian monk who isolated himself on an island for 33 years. This is how he first met the city.
Morandi has been enjoying fresh seafood since leaving the island.Thanks: Respect Moro Morandi

His house has a new kitchen, all the amenities he needs, and a bedroom with a king size bed. The great luxury is packed in “shower spray” which, in addition to the shelves stacked on top of books, he looks amazing.

What else? Food! Eating delicious food again decades later reminded him of the “taste of life” and of having wine and wine with friends after dinner. Morandi doesn’t care about desserts, pizza or bacon, and loves fish, which was plentiful in the podelli, but it’s hard to come by.

Mountains and food

The story of an Italian monk who isolated himself on an island for 33 years. This is how he first met the city.
Morandi’s dilapidated house on Puthelly Island.Thanks: Respect Moro Morandi

Morandi admits that it is difficult to live again in Podelli, especially in the winter, when temperatures were lower than usual last year, unable to keep food fresh in his solar-powered refrigerator, and were forced to rely on canned food for several months.

Marandi changed his view of things from an interview with CNN last year, saying he was willing to do what he could to stay in Bodelli. To my home in northern Italy. Not sure what to do. My whole life is here. “

The story of an Italian monk who isolated himself on an island for 33 years. This is how he first met the city.
Morandi explored the Italian Alps 33 years after leaving his home island.Thanks: Respect Moro Morandi

Today, Morandi is happy with her daily routine in Lamadalina. “In the morning I eat breakfast outside and drink barley coffee, smoke my curls and walk to the port on the side road connecting my house, or go to town I meet people and buy groceries.

The Italian monk explained: “I walk a lot according to the doctor’s advice, because this is the best solution for my foot pain, but I often take myself on my way home, so I do not carry heavy bags.”

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Always a busy man

The story of an Italian monk who isolated himself on an island for 33 years. This is how he first met the city.
Morandi reunites with old friendsThanks: Respect Moro Morandi

Morandi received two doses of the “Govit-19” vaccine, and enjoys interacting with locals and is generally happy to put on a muzzle.

He said: “I was amazed at the kindness and friendliness of the people of this city because they would often invite me over for coffee or sit down with them at lunch or dinner,” and added: “I was worried that the locals would not. They asked him to take pictures with him, noting that he had showered and congratulated him on the battle he had fought.

The ownership of the island of Bodelli has changed hands several times over the past few years. Since 2015, the island has been owned by La Madeleine National Park, removing Morandi’s role as its supervisor.

Authorities told CNN they simply complied with the law and wanted to “recover the illegal building” that was a radio station during World War II and served as Morandi’s residence. “Morandi no longer has status on the island. Private.”

Morandi’s struggle for island life made headlines around the world. Bodelli left, but attracted attention, wrote his first book about his life on a distant island, planned another, and revealed that his life might soon be the subject of a movie.

Lost his composure

The story of an Italian monk who isolated himself on an island for 33 years. This is how he first met the city.
The island of Podelli, near Sardinia in the Italian archipelago of Matalena, is famous for its beautiful landscapes.Thanks: Respect Moro Morandi

Bodelli is not a thing of the past for Morandi, he comes back to her from time to time and collects his personal belongings.

The Italian monk is still concerned about the future of the island, in particular, as supervisor, he continued to chase down tourists who trespassed on the banned pink beach, remove debris from the sandy beach and prevent people from infiltrating the island. Night.

Currently, the city of La Madeleine is the new world he plans to discover. “I was on that island for a long time and this place was close all the time. But until now I haven’t felt it,” he said.

Through his daily travels in the city, Morandi takes pictures of quiet and forgotten places, perhaps still searching for that serenity he desires.

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