March 29, 2023

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Tunisia denies allegations of “brotherhood”

In response to the hostile campaign led by the Tunisian Brotherhood, President Guiz Saeed accused him of undermining the legitimate, constitutional and democratic path, emphasizing its initiative to establish true and good democracy, through a number of exceptional decisions and measures to reform democracy. According to a speech by Tunisian Foreign Minister Othman al-Jarandi to the United Nations, in response to the will of the Tunisian people only, the legal aspirations of a guarantor for its sovereignty, rights, freedoms and privacy. legislative Assembly

Al-Jarandi stressed that democracy in Tunisia is an irreversible and irreversible will and that human rights and public and individual liberties are guaranteed and protected within institutions within the principles of the rule of law and good governance. The basic condition for the maintenance of social peace is the sustainable development and respect for the human rights of all its citizens and its ability to play its part internationally in building international peace, security, stability and respect. Implementing common global values ​​of human rights.

Meanwhile, Frozen Member of Parliament for the National Democratic Party, Mongi Rahvi, reiterated the security of the exceptional measures and measures announced by President Gais Syed, noting that the only problem is the lack of a time limit. Al-Rahwi, who fears the uniqueness of Qais Saeed, denies that the country is under permanent parliamentary dictatorship and that it is being managed in a bad way, stressing that he is the parliamentary speaker and leader of the fraternal movement. Rashid Kanoochi is over and deserves this decision.

Al-Rahwi believed that the parliament had actually been dissolved, but no official announcement had been made, and there was nothing in the constitution to specify the procedures for dissolving parliament, and the government did not receive the approval of the two in form. On occasions and at that time the President is likely to dissolve Parliament. He added: “There is a legitimate and popular legal entity, which is the institution of the President. In this special circumstance, there is no other option but to obtain the power of the executive. The Prime Minister.”

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