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The “stupid” crime committed by the “smart and quick-witted” suspect in Dubai


One (Asian) person committed a strange crime “to an unreasonable extent that can be described as nonsense”, yet he used his ingenuity and quick wit to describe the incident in the report. And when he was surprised the latter knew all his superiors, claiming that the accused was working in the Dubai police investigation, even took a picture of the victim, arrested him and sent him to the public prosecutor in Dubai and from there to the criminal court. Imprisonment, fines and deportation of the accused.

In detail, the Public Prosecution Office in Dubai has accused a 39-year-old (Asian) man of impersonating a public figure from the character of a police officer, claiming he was working in the public intelligence service and punishing a security guard for illegally putting his hands in his pocket. It also recommended to the criminal court that he be intimidated into taking pictures on his mobile phone and using information technology to infringe on the victim’s privacy.

The indictment states that the accused (MM) used his intelligence, quick wit and some self-confidence to attempt to intimidate a guard in the Lamir area, as resolved in the court’s affidavit and as promised in its conscience. After he saw her putting her hands in the pocket of the jacket he was wearing, he asked her to take his hands out of him.

The victim testified at the public prosecutor’s hearing that he was wandering around his workplace on the evening of the incident and then had his hand in his pocket due to the cold weather. In a firm tone to him, “Why are you putting your hand in your pocket? This is the rude behavior of a security guard.” The accused replied that the guard had asked him why he was talking like this and that he was the general supervisor and security guard at the company where the guard works, and he did not believe it. Because of his story he knew all the supervisors in the company and then was surprised to see that the accused tried to photograph the business card he was wearing, but he did not allow him, so he took a photo of his face and told him to follow him. He should be held accountable for the investigations and his conduct, which prompted the victim to contact the person responsible for him by radio, so he arrived at the scene while the accused was present. By interrogating the accused, he admitted the charge against him at the public prosecution hearing, indicating that he had tried to attract the attention of the police without putting his hand in his pocket, and that he was his officer in the company. Policeman at interrogation.

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A friend of the accused said he had been with him in the Lamir area and had left him for a few minutes, and when he returned, he was surprised to find that he had walked with the guard.

The trial court, on the basis of the confession of the accused and the victim and witnesses, ruled that there was criminal intent in the crime of impersonating a government office in the incident. He was sentenced to three months in prison on the first charge, suspended for three years, fined 5,000 dirhams on the second charge, and deported from the state.

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