June 3, 2023

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The suffering of the Egyptian media .. a cursed disease and a painful injection in the head

The suffering of the Egyptian media .. a cursed disease and a painful injection in the head

Egyptian media Sally Abdel Salam has been in pain for 5 years and has decided to reveal all her secrets and health issues since 2017.

And while he was in front of the exam room, the media posted a picture of him on Instagram, commenting on his account, listing and revealing that he was suffering from the disease.

Since 2017, when he was afflicted with the immune alopecia that caused his hair to fall out, he confirmed that he was experiencing that suffering, but he recovered in the same month i.e. two years ago in April 2020.

And at that moment they told her she would never get infected again, she left the hospital, but she shrank it a second time, which prompted her to comment: “When people come with one … I will test you more in this God … that you may be glorified, Lord. “

She felt that God was tormenting her and testing her in the most special things about herself and what she wanted, and at that moment not everyone knew what she was expressing or feeling.

Sally prayed to God to give her satisfaction because she was starting to lose it, especially since she did not have the energy to start the journey of pain again.

The Egyptian media recalled the pain again, she would return to inject cortisone in her head, which causes the world’s greatest pain, and as she said she would have to inject 7 into the bones of the head. Disease.

Although she was not used to crying in front of anyone, she revealed that she was crying in front of the doctor, which prompted her to hug her doctor.

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Sally asked her followers to stay away from suffering, aches and pains and pray for a speedy recovery.