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The Taliban declare a “general apology” to all civil servants


The Taliban on Tuesday issued a “general amnesty” to all civil servants, calling for them to return to work two days later. Seizes power in Afghanistan after a lightning strikeHe also urged women to join the government.

“Everyone has been granted a general amnesty so you can return to your normal life with full confidence,” the movement said in a statement.

Inamullah Semangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural group, was in control of the movement on Afghan state television on Tuesday. “We don’t want women to be victimized,” she said.

He added, “The structure of government is not entirely clear, but based on experience, there must be a full-fledged Islamic leadership and all parties must join the government.”

The Taliban movement sends a number of messages to the international community to ensure that the people of Afghanistan are not intimidated by anything.

However, many Afghans fear the movement will impose tougher rules, as it did when it ruled the country between 1996 and 2001, banning women in particular from working or studying.

Negotiations in the capital

At the same time, Amir Khan Mutaki, a key leader of the Taliban movement, arrived in the Afghan capital to hold talks with political leaders in Kabul. An official familiar with the talks with the Associated Press.

Mottaki was the Minister of Higher Education when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan before 2001, and he began liaising with Afghan political leaders before President Ashraf Ghani secretly left the presidential palace over the weekend.

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen described the ongoing talks in the capital, which aims to bring non-Taliban leaders into the government, as an “inclusive Afghan government.”

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There is no information on the subject of the talks, but Shaheen has previously said, “A government will be announced after talks with non-Taliban leaders are over.”

Afghans familiar with the talks say some rounds lasted late into the night, which began shortly after Ghani’s departure.

Biden responds to his critics

US President Joe Biden responded to everyone A recent review by his administration of what happened in Afghanistan After the US withdrawal, which some considered humiliating and surprising, it was time for US troops to leave.

Taliban elements

The president acknowledged that the decision to withdraw came from him personally, saying, “I am directly behind the US decision to leave Afghanistan.”

Despite all the criticism aimed at him, he insisted that the decision to withdraw was the right one.

Moreover, in a speech from the White House on Monday, he noted the progress being made there, especially after the Taliban took over the capital, and said that the United States was trying today to develop a plan for rapid collapse.

He said the US goal was to defeat the perpetrators of the September attacks and that US missions in Afghanistan were aimed at preventing any attacks against it, acknowledging that mistakes had been made in carrying out that mission.

The United States has also confirmed that it will not recognize any Taliban-led government in Afghanistan The movement respects the rights of women and refuses to provide asylum to terrorists.

US State Department spokesman Netflix told reporters Monday evening, “one day after the fall of the Afghan extremist movement, that our position on any future government in Afghanistan depends on the conduct of this government and the behavior of the Taliban.”

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