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Work begins on the construction of the satellite “Mohammed bin Saeed”


Amna Al Ketbi (Dubai)

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center team has begun work on developing the satellite “Mohammed bin Saeed” system with centers around the world capable of developing advanced satellite imaging technologies for civilian use.
The Mohamed Bin Rashid Space Center aims to benefit communities by sharing valuable data and knowledge with companies and organizations around the world, in addition to providing a comprehensive source of satellite imagery. To analyze the data collected by the new moon.

“MBZ-Sat” was the first satellite capable of tracking more targets (both natural and man-made) with greater accuracy than satellites assigned for surveillance purposes. In addition, the new system on the satellite makes processing source data more flexible and faster and thanks to improved satellite intelligence functions, which enables faster analysis and processing of satellite images. The MBZ-Sat is the fourth Earth observation satellite, and the second to be fully developed and developed by the Emirati team of engineers after Khalifasat, which will begin its mission in 2023. This is expected to increase the growing demand for MBZ-Sat high-resolution satellite images throughout the clock, which have an automatic system for arranging images, displaying details in less than a square meter, which is always one of the most advanced features.
For more than a decade, the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center has been committed to providing comprehensive and high-quality satellite imagery captured by DubaiSat-1, DubaiSat-2 and Khalifasat satellites, in line with government requirements and requirements. And private sector companies around the world. The Center is a member of the International Charter on Space and Disaster, and has joined the Sentinel Asia initiative, and its key contribution to the highest efficiencies in disaster relief and management efforts.

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