March 25, 2023

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الإخراج التلفزيوني لمباراة مصر وليبيا يعيد للأذهان أمم إفريقيا 2019

The television movement of the Egypt-Libya rivalry is reminiscent of African countries 2019

Television broadcasts of the match between Egypt and Libya appeared in the third round of the African qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, in which Pharaoh won with a clean goal by Omar Marmoush, and he topped his team in the qualifying round after using the latest technologies to transform matches, in a very unique way.

One of the most important advantages of the Egypt-Libya rivalry was the televised movement of the rivalry, as it appeared differently than in the Egyptian league tournaments, with the tournament organizers using the latest technologies for transmitting matches and playing fruitful collaborations between the National Media Authority with the OneTime Channel Network.

The result of the competition is the use of a collaborative feature between the National Authority and the OneTime Network. “4K“It is one of the highest features used in the televised matches of matches, in addition to the use of all new capabilities in television broadcasting, which brought about a quality leap in the level of Egyptian releases of unused matches after the 2019 African Cup of Nations in Cairo.

The fantastic format of directing the Egypt-Libya competition brought to mind the fantastic television movement for the 2019 African Nations Championship, which received the praise and approval of all, especially using the best modern technologies in changing the competition, but the difference is that the competition in the African countries was changed by a foreign directing team, but not Egypt-Libya The match was run entirely by the Egyptians.

The quality leap, added by the OnSport Network, in collaboration with the National Media Authority, stimulates the greed that league matches are based on the use of the latest state-of-the-art technology in its next edition.4K“It added to the quality of the film, the enjoyment of the audience and a quality leap in the level of television broadcasting of matches, especially since most of the problems that came with the league matches last season were poor TV output, poor picture quality and the lack of cameras to send matches.

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