March 23, 2023

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The truth about the murder of Campion referee Bakery Kasama

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The Gambia Football Association has revealed the truth about the news of the assassination of Cambian referee Bakhari Kasama in the last few hours, in the context of the second leg he has managed in the African qualifying round match between Algeria and Cameroon. The Lions snatched the qualifying card for the 2022 World Cup after seeing the desert warriors lose by a whopping 1/2 in the deadliest time..

As the news spread on social media, news came in the last few hours that Bakery Kassama had been killed by a group of Algerian fans in France in retaliation for the end of the match, but no credible evidence has been confirmed. ..

Ibo Faye, vice-president of the Cambian Football Association, told the Egyptian media that “reports about the assassination of Bakri Kassama are false rumors that he is well and in Gambia.”

He added: “If such false news were true, I would have seen it in the headlines of the major newspapers in the Gambia.

The Algerian Football Association has issued an official statement complaining to FIFA, the international football association, calling for the Desert Warriors to return to action against Cameroon, and the report states::

The Algerian Football Confederation (AFC) has filed an official appeal with the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) against the blatant refereeing that overturned the return match between Algeria and Cameroon on March 29, 2022 at the Tyagi Mustafa Shaker Stadium in Plata. The Algerian Football Association is committed to enforcing all means permitted. -Cameron competition.

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