May 16, 2022

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Russia and Ukraine: How does Moscow's war increase climate change in the world?

Russia and Ukraine: How does Moscow’s war increase climate change in the world?

  • Husam Fazula
  • BBC News Arabic

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Is the war in Ukraine preventing the transition to clean energy?

The effects of the Russian war in Ukraine affected various global sectors, and its economic and political consequences occupied the agendas of the nations of the world. But despite its severity and the gravity of the damage, the impact of war on the environment and climate change may be small.

On March 21, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the crisis and fluctuations in the energy market could prevent the transition to clean energy sources, declaring that “fuel addiction will lead us to real disaster.” He specifically mentioned the effects of the Russian War on the global climate agenda. This could result in European countries and major economies adopting strategies to find alternatives to Russian fossil fuels.

Where is the world from the 1.5 degree Celsius target

“These short-term actions could lead to long-term dependence on fossil fuels,” Guterres says; The goal of the 2015 Paris Climate Summit is to control global warming by only 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the current century.