March 25, 2023

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The two companies must pay 2.7 million dirhams to the Labor Supply Company

The two companies must pay 2.7 million dirhams to the Labor Supply Company

The Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance ordered a labor supply company to pay Dh2,736,382 worth of business transactions between two companies.

A labor supply company filed a lawsuit in which the two companies demanded payment of two million and 736 thousand dirhams, plus legal interest at 12% from the date the lawsuit was filed. Compelling them to pay and pay fees, costs and expeditious enforcement under an agreement between it and the defendants as they work on a joint project related to the supply of labor according to agreed terms and conditions. , which fulfilled their commitment to comply with the labor supply regulations, but did not commit to pay their financial dues, while the defendants submitted a memorandum seeking dismissal of the suit. In its judgment, the court pointed out that the relationship between the three parties was evidenced by documents, the agreement between the plaintiff and the defendants, purchase orders issued by the defendants, invoices and the account statement provided by the plaintiff. An agreement that the plaintiff would supply labor to the defendants, the statement of accounts proving that a business transaction had taken place, indicating a representation in the supply of labor by the plaintiff in favor of the defendants, and their concern as a result of this transaction. The court-appointed counsel’s report indicated that two million and 736 thousand 382 dirhams were owed by the defendants as a result of business activities between the two parties to the case.

The court ruled that both the defendants should jointly pay the amount to the plaintiff and pay late interest at the rate of 3% per annum.

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