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The UAE embraces geniuses to ensure sustainable growth


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His Highness Cultural Adviser Jackie Anwar Nusaibe, President of the University of the United Arab Emirates and Supreme President of the University of the United Arab Emirates, praised the initiative of the “Arab Forces” initiated by Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The ruler of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, on the anniversary of his accession to power, encouraged and embraced Arab innovators, noting that for the service of all mankind, the United Arab Emirates embraces geniuses to ensure sustainable development and happiness for our people and children. .

Zaki Nusseibeh said: “We are proud of the fact that the United Arab Emirates, with the testimony of all the nations of the world, has been able to achieve great and wonderful achievements in a time of achievement. Dubai’s efforts towards the development of the country.

The Hon’ble President added: “Intelligent leadership has from the very beginning its greatest race to achieve human well-being and happiness, and equips him with the highest standards of science and world-class knowledge in support of development efforts.


He pointed out that the efforts of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid were no longer confined to land or space, but focused on his aspirations and hopes of achieving sustainable and comprehensive development renaissance in all parts of the Arab world. The “Arab Genius” initiative will positively reflect the aspirations and aspirations of the United Arab Emirates, to achieve a lasting future for its people and children, to support happiness and prosperity, and innovative scientific Arab minds, whose incomparable national wealth. , The future of supporting the development process for renaissance in all Arab countries by providing them with all the means and tools that will contribute to the process of improving the foundations of scientific research, by serving the Arab region and the nations of the world equally in the journey of construction and development.

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He added: “Since the inception of the United Arab Emirates Permanent Residence Organization, its efforts have culminated in attracting a team of scholars and experts of various sciences, talents and creativity to be a part of its leadership path. It excels at all levels.

It is the goal of many who seek to achieve success and dreams, contribute to growth and enrich human knowledge. His Excellency concluded his statement by saying: “The United Arab Emirates has proven to have unique fingerprints in the lives of people and nations, and it is a land of dreams and opportunities and a land of comfort for science and scholars.

We hope that this creative initiative will create a strong impetus for these active and influential Arab minds to contribute their research and scientific discoveries to future industry.


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