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The UAE's ambitions in the space sector will continue in 2024, and the lunar station will be the first mission.


The United Arab Emirates ushered in 2024 a quality addition to its long track record in the space industry by announcing that it will join the United States, Japan, Canada and the European Union in building and establishing a lunar space station. Its mission is to build on its achievements of the past years through a group of projects and missions.An ambitious aerospace company that strengthens its leadership in the field.

The UAE's entry into the most important global program of the 21st century reflects its interest in developing and implementing international cooperation mechanisms in the field of space in ways that serve humanity and bring benefit, progress and prosperity. National staff and the ability to play influential roles in highly complex and rigorous scientific projects of a global nature.

It is considered the most advanced plan for humans to return to the moon in more than fifty years, land on its surface and make it a base for future missions to Mars. UAE will be responsible for equalizing the station's pressure. The unit can be extended for a period of up to 15 years.
The UAE will have a permanent seat and scientific contribution to the largest program of lunar and space exploration, and will be among the first countries to send an astronaut to the moon. The country will have priority in receiving the scientific and engineering data submitted. The station will receive, which will enhance its knowledge journey.

The UAE's interest in exploring the moon and landing on its surface goes back to September 2020, when it announced the first Arab scientific mission to explore the moon by building and launching the first Emirati moon explorer named “Rasheed”, which was successful last April. Reach lunar orbit and get close to landing on its surface and contact the lander before you lose it.

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As usual, not giving up or accepting the challenge, the UAE immediately announced a new mission to explore the moon named “Rashid 2” to the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center. 1 Explorer”, one of the most advanced spacecraft of its size, which…became the first Emirati and Arab explorer to reach lunar orbit before attempting to land.

In the current year, the UAE seeks to achieve more goals in the space sector, which has become one of the strategic sectors that the country wants to develop, especially research, scientific work, production and the creation of specialized skills and abilities. , as well as increasing private sector participation in the sector by encouraging inward investment and outward in the space sector, attracting international space companies.

“MBZ-SAT” satellite will be launched in 2024, after “KhalifaSat”, it will be the second satellite fully developed and built by a team of Emirati engineers and will provide the most advanced services in terms of development. Its excellent technologies especially make it considered as one of the best satellites.

The fourth Earth observation satellite “MBZ-Sat” satellite program stands out by providing data to users with high accuracy and speed. Automatically and automatically the images they want, then get them directly and quickly. Around the clock, without interacting with people.

At the level of Emirati astronauts, astronauts Mohammed Al Mulla and Noora Al Madrushi graduated from training this year and are ready to take up missions later. They belong to the second batch of the Emirates Astronaut Program selected with 10 astronauts. NASA astronaut program by 2021 from NASA.

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In 2024, work will continue on a group of ambitious projects in the space sector in the UAE, in particular the “Sharb” radar satellite development project and the Hisam research project, which will take 13 years, including 6 years and 7 years for development. Emirati vehicle “MPR” takes years to travel. Explorer 5 will travel a billion kilometers beyond Mars, explore 7 asteroids and land on the last asteroid in 2034.

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