Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Ukrainian army is making advances near Pakmut and Zaporizhia, and NATO has called on Kiev to continue its support.


Continue Ukrainian army Ukraine’s deputy defense minister, Hana Malyar, called the fight “very tough” as he stepped up a counteroffensive against Russian forces on Wednesday.

Maliar wrote in a post on the Telegram application that the Ukrainian operations have achieved “partial” success. He also said that during the previous day, Ukrainian forces had advanced between them 200 And500 Meters in various areas near Pakmut city located in the east of the country 300 AndThree hundred and fifty meters in the direction of the city of Zaporizhia in the southeast of the country.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday that members of the military alliance must ensure Ukraine receives enough weapons to continue its counteroffensive against Russia, as Kiev suffers losses. Ahead of a meeting of Kiev’s allies in Brussels on Thursday, he said the attack was “still in its early stages and we don’t know if this (attack) will be a turning point in the war”.

For his part, Maliar wrote, affirming: “Our forces are moving in the face of heavy fighting and enemy air and artillery superiority.”

In later reports, the military official said that Ukraine’s losses were much lower than those of the Russian side.

“In general, during the entire war, we suffered very few losses,” he wrote in a telegram.

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“The number of enemy casualties was high in the eastern Khortitsya sector of the front last week,” he told Ukrainian television. 8,73 The period of Ukrainian losses. The ratio was 5,3 Once in the Tauriya field”.

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But Russian President Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, said on Tuesday that human losses in Ukraine since the start of the counteroffensive in Kiev were ten times higher than Russian losses.

“For now, we are defending and attacking in different directions … there is a very intense conflict,” Maliar said.

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France 24/AFP/Reuters

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