December 9, 2022

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The United Arab Emirates has called for humanitarian programs to alleviate the suffering of Syrians

The United Arab Emirates has called for humanitarian programs to alleviate the suffering of Syrians

New York (Union)

Yesterday, the United Arab Emirates stressed the importance of the sustainability of humanitarian programs with the needs of the current state of the Syrian crisis, which currently exceeds 14 million in Syria, compared to the ten million people in 2014. To alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people, we must continue to provide humanitarian and relief assistance to all Syrian regions.
In a statement to the UN Security Council, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Deputy State Permanent Representative to the United Nations and responsible official, Abu Abu Shehab, said: There is no need to politicize the cross-border aid delivery mechanism as it would undermine the credibility of this assistance. “This mechanism should be completely humane and should not be used as a tool to interfere in Syrian affairs.”
Abu Shehab said: “Eight years ago, the Security Council adopted the Border Assistance Mechanism as an exceptional measure in response to the serious humanitarian consequences of the Syrian crisis. Ensures help reaches “.
Although the scope of the mechanism is more precise and urgent, it should be noted that this is an exceptional and temporary measure and should not be considered as a long-term solution, especially in light of changing circumstances. Humanitarian programs are needed to meet the needs of the current phase of the crisis, including an increase in the number of needy who have now reached more than 14 million people, compared to the 10 million people in 2014, who need to support early recovery plans and increase the number of convoys across the lines.
In the current context of the North and the continuing escalation on the Turkish-Syrian border, Abu Shehab said: “We demand that the cross-border aid delivery mechanism not be used for political gain, as this undermines credibility. It must be completely humane and not be used as a tool to interfere in Syrian affairs.
He stressed the importance of providing assistance to those in need through the United Nations Humanitarian Agent and their partners, Bob al-Hawa Crossing. Last week in the Al-Bab area.
He stressed the United Arab Emirates’ welcome to the recent visit of the Fifth Vehicle convoy to northwestern Syria in terms of assistance provided through taxes.
“In this context, we reiterate the need to increase the number of humanitarian operations across the border, in order to integrate the number of humanitarian operations with those passing through the border mechanism,” he said.
According to the report, the UAE appreciates international efforts in this area and calls on all parties to allow these convoys to pass through urgently, smoothly and without hindrance, to ensure that humanitarian relief is provided to those in need. , Should not leave room for parties on the ground to restrict the use of aid or use it as a card.
Abu Shehab said: “Last year, members of the Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2585 and, for the first time, highlighted the importance of supporting and implementing early recovery plans in Syria.”
He added, “We need to think now about how to intensify early recovery efforts by creating rehabilitation and infrastructure for extinct basic services, and strengthen international programs in basic areas such as food security, water, electricity, health and education. Most of the early recovery efforts are global food and In the light of the health crisis, this has become necessary.

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