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A Syrian refugee makes a wooden copy of the famous Cologne Cathedral .. Video


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When Fadel al-Qadir, a Syrian refugee from Aleppo, arrived in Germany in 2015, he first saw the ancient Cologne Cathedral, one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions in the western part of Europe.

Named for its intricate towers and ornaments, this majestic and majestic religious building stunned the 42-year-old.

Al-Khidr spends hours and hours examining details, taking pictures, and painting before deciding to design a replica of a tree.

A turning point in the life of al-Qidr, who succeeded in creating a copy, became the talk of the German media and of every sculptor lover.

Al-Khidr said he worked for Euronews for about three years, or about 5,000 hours, and converted the two-meter-tall model into a studio in Cologne with his small basement.

Leaving high school and following in his father’s footsteps and choosing to study sculpture from the age of thirteen, Sirius said he often asked himself if it was strange for a young Muslim to set aside his time. The most popular place of worship for Christians in Germany, to come back and answer “no”

The young man, who came to Germany after the Syrian war, destroys years of exhaustion and confirms that he grew up in Aleppo before the Civil War and that there are no problems between Muslims and Christians and that his friends are from different religions. As well as customers going to the family store to buy their artwork.

The father of five adds: “When we were in Aleppo, there was no problem between the mosque and the church. Our neighbors are Christians and we are Muslims. We go to each other, no problem.”

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Al-Qaeda was one of more than a million migrants who arrived in Germany in 2015 from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

He initially worked in different jobs, which did not match his original career to earn a living. And in 2017, he succeeded in bringing his family, who had lived in Turkey for many years, to Germany. Since 2019, he has focused on designing the cathedral, and hopes that in the future he will be able to work as a sculptor in Germany.

To create a similar sculpture of his beloved church, Al Qadir bought the Peach tree and used the tools that his father had brought to him about 50 years old.

After many years of effort, he succeeded in creating a masterpiece that is more than two meters high, 1.40 meters wide and is now on display in the Cathedral’s viewing center opposite the original building.

Al-Suri hopes to be able to showcase his woodwork in other cities as well. “The cathedral for me belongs to all people,” he says.


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