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The United Arab Emirates will invest $ 23 billion in ICT by 2024


Sharjah-based Crescent Enterprises has focused its interest on developing the digital capabilities of small and medium enterprises in the Middle East and North Africa, which account for more than 90% of all businesses and are a key source of job creation and economic growth. ..

Badr Jaber, CEO of Crescent Enterprises, participated in discussions with the Edison Alliance of the World Economic Forum on Promoting and Expanding Digital Mergers, with Hans Westberg, President of Verizon Communications and Edison Coordinator. And Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Roth, Google. Dr. Borat, and co-founder and CEO of the Motsep Foundation.

Catherine Bell, Editor-in-Chief of Quartz Media, said the Edison Alliance aims to prioritize the global movement of public and private sector leaders and the United Nations’ goal of providing digital connectivity for all to sustainable development goals. The Edison Alliance Challenge took place in the background of “1 Billion lives ” Improve the lives of one billion people worldwide by 2025 through affordable and accessible digital solutions.

Globally, 47% of the population is without internet connection and 50% of developed countries have high internet broadband costs beyond financial resources.

Badr Jaber, one of the appointed leaders of the Edison Alliance, said that digital integration was the way to an end, the primary goal was to address the global challenges facing humanity and the environment, and that technology was a means to an end..

Spending on ICT in the UAE is expected to reach $ 23 billion by 2024, according to a recent report by the Middle East..

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Jaber explained that the importance of providing digital connectivity to those who do not have 70% of the new values ​​in the economy and the potential to benefit from them is undeniable, among the innovative investment models needed to achieve digital access. The next decade will be connected to sites that need a digital connection..

Jaber said: “Today, with trillions of dollars in capital seeking zero interest income, we need to consider how long-term sustainable investment opportunities such as fee-based, digital infrastructure can be more attractive and ensure regulation and investment. The structures to expedite this investment are clear, transparent and compelling. ..

The CEO of Crescent Enterprises stressed the need to address the digital division from a business perspective..

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