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The US denies that Russia destroyed the “HIMARS” system in Ukraine


Western newspapers quoted Milli as saying: “Until now, Russia “We were unable to destroy any Himars missile systems in Ukraine.”

He added: “Ukrainian forces HYMARS and similar systems are used effectively.”

A senior official of the US Department of Defense told “Sky News Arabia” that even if targeted by S-400 missiles, the Russian Armed Forces will not be able to destroy the “HIMARS” systems.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that since the “Himers” entered Ukraine’s arena, the bases of the Russian army and its military and supply stores have become within the range of Ukrainian forces’ targets, causing high human losses. Whenever the Russian soldiers tried to advance a few hundred meters, as he said. .

The officer continued,Because “HIMARS” has enormous maneuverability capabilities and Washington wants to use it only within Ukrainian territory and not for bombing sites inside the Russian Federation as he claimed.

The official noted that “HYMARS” missiles are tactical and can be used to attack targets that can reach a depth of 300 km, according to the decision of the Kyiv military command.

In conclusion, the official said that Washington is studying the possibility of introducing such a system on Polish territory within the framework of emergency plans. Future plan to face any hostile situation from Moscow.

The US statements by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff came after the Russian Defense Ministry released a video clip claiming to destroy a US missile.Himeras“, the latest in the Ukrainian military arsenal.

The video showed the HIMARS rocket launcher identifying the target before launch Missiles And destroy completely.

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she said Russian Ministry of DefenseIn a press statement, its spokesman Igor Konashenkov said Russian forces had destroyed “another HIMARS launcher”. Donbass.

Konashenkov explained Russian forces A launch pad and loading vehicle for a US-made Himars rocket launcher were destroyed in the Krasno-Ormisk region of Donetsk with high-precision weapons.

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