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In complete silence .. a camouflaged bird “attracts” under a tree


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– In complete silence, the common photo stands its beak so high on a tree trunk that it disappears completely, and for a few moments it’s hard for anyone to see it.

This species of bird breeds in the tropical regions of Central and South America.

According to the UWI website, the common bodo can be found in a variety of locations from southwestern Costa Rica to northern Argentina and northern Uruguay.

debt: Takagi Nagashima

Insectivorous nocturnal insects have a common photo.

A bird "Common photo"
debt: Takagi Nagashima

In fact, this type of bird does not move during the day because it spends most of its time sleeping.

This is one of the reasons why it was so easy for Japanese photographer Takaki Nagashima to photograph the common, especially since these birds are endemic to the state of Puerto Rico in Costa Rica.

A bird "Common photo"
debt: Takagi Nagashima

“The primitive look of the common Bodo’s face reminds me of the ancient times when dinosaurs lived, and that really caught my attention,” Nagashima said while speaking to CNN in Arabic.

This type of bird has excellent camouflage skills to protect itself from enemies while sleeping, appearing as part of a dead tree trunk.

A bird "Common photo"
debt: Takagi Nagashima

The common bodo tends to build its nests about 500 meters apart in closed, high places.

According to the UWI website, the parents take care of the eggs at different times of the day.

A Japanese photographer hopes people will learn more about the common photo, which looks like a cartoon but is actually a very skilled predator.

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And these photos have won the admiration of many of Nagashima’s followers, who have over 6,000 followers on his Instagram account.

A bird "Common photo"
debt: Takagi Nagashima

Nagashima today tends to see all kinds of birds, especially birds of paradise in Papua New Guinea.

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