June 9, 2023

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The Vertical Network is celebrating one year since its first training workshop was launched

The world is a candle Vertical network

The vertical network is celebrating a year since the launch of its first batch of workshop programs to discover and train content creators, which garnered significant success and high views on various social media platforms this year.

Throughout the year, the vertical network continued its various training programs in which more than 30 trainees participated and created more than 23 content platforms on various social media platforms.

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As managed projects and platforms network With more than 10 million followers and more than 800 million views on various platforms, the network confirms the continuity and growth of its role in enriching Arabic content on the Internet.

Among the most prominent platforms offered by the network this year: “Arabism”, “Ya Marak Ya Mayer”, “Dumdam Facing the World”, “Kitchen Talks”, “Home Economics” and “Being”.

The vertical network works to support and train young talent to enrich Arabic content on the web. The network chooses young people who want to create content, but lacks the relevant knowledge or skills to create and implement it, and supports them in doing so. in connection with

The network started working in March 2022, it supported five talents in a trial period, and then in May, started the first workshop that lasted 3 months and included 10 content producers, where they engaged in an intensive training program. and monitored by a network of trainers.The workshop will be repeated 4 times a year at no cost to trainers and experts in the Internet manufacturing industry.

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Workshop participants are trained in all aspects of the content industry, from content writing and filming, to the art of searching and how to de-stress in front of the camera, to directing and editing. Periodic visits were given to them by the workshop of the most important content producers and stars in Egypt, to support and advise them in focusing on the important points that helped them in their successful journey, the most prominent of these guests were street announcer Ahmed Rafat, radio host Aya Abdel Ati, director Mohamed Salama, artist Yusuf Othman and artist Sara Abdel Rahman.

Vertical network

Vertical network

Vertical network

Vertical network