February 7, 2023

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The victories of the Giants’ legions reveal the weakness of the Houthis

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Within a week, Yemeni giants had recaptured Usailan district and reached the suburbs of Beihan district, recording rapid and unexpected victories, during which they were able to close the main roads connecting the bases of Houthi militants in the southern Marib governorate. And after their meetings in the Shabba Governorate and significant victories on the coast changed the course of the conflict in the South Marip.From the western port of Mocha to the city of Hodeidah.

Until last September, Houthi militants had opted for a military expansion and advanced from the al-Baida governorate to the suburbs of the Shabwa governorate, imagining that they could return south of the governor of Marib and bring down the dead and control oil and gas. Sources in the two governorates said it had rejected all peace proposals by the United Nations and Saudi Arabia, which had imposed a new equation on the conflict, completed a restructuring process on the west coast to cope with the expansion, and pushed the Taiz and Ibb governorates’ number of priorities within the governorate. Pushed the regiments of eight giants to the battlefields.

A few days after the start of Operation “South Storm”, the Giants were able to liberate the oil-rich district of Asilan, advancing north and west, liberating the city of al-Nakoub, and then capturing the 163rd area. Roads connecting the infantry camp and the southern directorates of Safra and al-Saleem districts, Shabwa Governorate and Marib Governorate in Asilan were closed, which helped advance the troops stationed on the southern border. Houthi militants have been stationed in the eastern Jabal al-Balak chain and have recaptured several bases. மாரிப்.

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Attacking power

Giants brigades, led by Brigadier General Abu Zara al-Muharrami, are described by observers as a striking force in the face of Houthi militants, and 28 kilometers (50 miles) from al-Baida governorate today in the Usilan district after seizing control of the city of al-Nakob and the strategic al-Hama road junction. Is at the gate of the district, and has opened the door to a solution.

As the Giants continued their victories amid widespread decline in the ranks of the militias, the military forces, backed by popular opposition, advanced south of the dead for the second day in a row. Coalition militants advancing in al-Amood and al-Arif areas in Juba district to thwart infiltration attempts by militants on the Tanna front.

In the western part of Maribin, the army and opposition forces repulsed Houthi attacks on al-Qa’eda strongholds, which broke out the militants and fled after a series of artillery and militant attacks by the coalition for legal support.