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The World Trade Council conference discusses “Generation Z” and “Faces of Success”


Dubai: “Gulf”
The Twelfth Conference of the World Trade Unions, in its second day yesterday, Wednesday, held two discussion sessions in the presence of representatives of the World Trade Councils, focusing on key topics including Generation Z, Business Flexibility and Success Models.
Generation Z describes the panel discussion, “Leaders of Tomorrow: Imagining the Next Generation of Chambers of Commerce” as “Leaders of Tomorrow” and “Generations Able to Maintain Speed ​​with the Digital Revolution”. Faces of Success: Integrating Business Flexibility ”, the impact of the global epidemic on ways for business and industry leaders to adopt new strategies to predict the future in line with the new phase.
Under the theme “Tomorrow’s Leaders: Imagining Next Generation Chambers of Commerce”, the panel discussion focused on exploring key trends and characteristics of the younger generation, and its role in promoting trade chambers tailored to needs. Stage. The session was attended by Alanut Al Hashimi, CEO and Founder of The Future, Rana Paragat, Director of Development and Global Business Solutions at Dictok, Artem Dalevich, Vice President, Moscow Trade and Industry, and Kevin Hein, General Secretary. International Chamber of the United States of Young.
Al-Anood Al-Hashimi: Focus on environmental, community and administrative issues
Al-Anood Al-Hashimi said: “The younger generation has an unparalleled interest in using new technologies, but they need more experience and expertise. Today, the younger generation is responsible for making decisions that affect the lives of the younger generation, so we listen to their needs and adapt to their aspirations. Decisions need to be made.On the other hand, companies and organizations today need to focus more on environmental, social and management issues as they seek to develop their business models.
In turn, Rana Paragath confirmed that “Tick Tock” is not just a social networking application; Rather, it is a platform based on common interests, which helps to bridge the gaps between generations and reach a wider audience; Its services cover about half a billion monthly users. Dubai Chamber Academy – The recently signed partnership agreement between our site and the Dubai Chamber to launch Tic Tac Toe succeeded in attracting 300 companies to join the platform in the first set.
Dalevich pointed out that the new generation of digital enthusiasts are more common than previous generations, emphasizing the need to reach out to young entrepreneurs who believe they can grow their business without trading rooms.
Tolwich presented a number of solutions, including the Room Acceleration Plan, the Global Market for Interstate Transactions, the Integrated Library for Business Issues, a Plan for Funding Investment Projects, and the Institute for Business Councils for Research and Research.
He pointed out that each room is a wonderful intellectual campus and, in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce, can establish the best institution for research and research around the world.
Rana Paragath: Reaching the public by bridging the gaps between generations
Speakers at the session acknowledged the importance of corporate social responsibility as very important to Generation Z; Hein pointed out that young people are accused of being in their dreams, saying that we can be dreamers within a realistic framework and in light of potential goals.
In turn, Paragath said: “Corporate social responsibility is no longer a luxury; On the contrary, it has become essential today. All we have to do is ask what the trends are, the needs and demands of the people, how the rooms work, find it and provide solutions on a large scale.
He explained that attracting more young people to business rooms depends on a set of elements, including their service and assistance, by expanding the work method, accepting the values ​​of success and then acting in light of their goals. Corporate social responsibility; Apart from focusing on results, towards achieving success.
Al Hashemi agreed with Barakat that the UAE is interested in responding effectively to the needs of young people and working to improve them within the framework of government standards and specific goals.
Al-Hashemi concluded: “The future is not waiting for those who are engrossed in thinking about what to do. Rather, the future awaits those who do what needs to be done. We must guide technologies towards the optimal way to achieve and benefit from the common good, so that we can expect a better future.
Another panel discussion, entitled “Faces of Success: Coordinating Business Recession,” deals with the impact of the global epidemic on ways in which business and industry leaders can adopt new strategies to predict the future in line with the new phase. .

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