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The “World with Purpose” summit highlights the UAE’s position as a global force driving sustainable impact.


The inaugural “World with Purpose” summit will be held from November 7 to 8 at the “Jebel Ali Beach Resort” hotel in Dubai under the theme “Emergence of an Economy with Global Impact”. There is an urgent need to raise awareness of purpose and sustainable practices, to integrate economic business efforts with social and environmental goals, and to highlight the UAE’s position as a global force driving sustainable impact. Al Balushi is an environmental consultant and strategic partner at Kaya Consulting.
The inspiration behind creating the “World with Purpose” summit series is centered on a goal or message, which is to enable global prosperity by promoting purpose-driven businesses and creating a paradigm shift in the minds of business leaders. Inclusive, Fair and Regenerative Economies.”
The summit is being held under the auspices of the UAE Ministry of Economy and in association with Majra, the National Fund for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Ayesha added: “World with Purpose” summit series is our small contribution towards creating a better world. We believe that by bringing business leaders to this important dialogue, we can coordinate action in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and make an impactful change. Furthermore, our initiative aligns with the UAE’s strategic objectives, by promoting collaboration between the private and public sectors, building a sustainable and inclusive society, and supporting the UAE’s 2071 vision to become the best country in the world. It focuses on a group of key areas including economy, education, social cohesion, environment and sustainability. Ultimately, our goal is to empower organizations to be drivers of positive change and prosperity for a more just and sustainable world.
The inaugural edition of the summit revolved around two main topics. The first focuses on purposeful leadership or leadership based on the concept of purpose, emphasizing the importance of leaders who are guided by a clear purpose. These leaders inspire their organizations to work toward goals that benefit society and the planet, demonstrating the ability to create positive change.
The second theme focuses on adapting businesses to achieve impact for both society and the planet, and in this sense it goes beyond profit, emphasizing the need for companies to change their practices, strategies and operations to prioritize social and environmental well-being. Therefore, this theme encourages organizations to adopt sustainable practices and recognize their role in addressing global challenges.
Ayesha explained, “Summit attendees will experience two exciting days of insightful and inspiring talks and interactive workshops, apart from thought-provoking discussions and networking opportunities. Attendees can expect a dynamic and enriching experience, punctuated by a packed schedule of talks and discussions aimed at fostering dialogue around the need for organizations to become forces for good. The summit also highlighted the importance of impact investing in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The event serves as a platform to advance the agenda of targeted business leadership and climate action, build momentum towards the COP28 conference hosted by the UAE, and emphasize the role of targeted companies in addressing and creating climate challenges. A sustainable future.”
The Summit facilitates meaningful partnerships for change. This is done by bringing together thought leaders, executives, young leaders, policy makers and academic partners, creating opportunities for communication and promoting collaboration among participants. Additionally, the summit will serve as a platform to exchange innovative ideas on best practices, case studies and sustainable business practices.
The summit features a panel of inspirational speakers and thought leaders, carefully selected to inspire business leaders to rethink the role of business to become a force for good. These speakers will address a variety of topics such as purpose economies, responsible financial management, sustainable development, innovation, the role of technology in economic growth, the potential of the world’s smallest nations, innovative business models and conditions for leaders. To enable global prosperity.
Aisha noted, “The future of business and purpose-driven leadership in the UAE foreshadows significant growth and change. I strongly believe that destination will become the new sustainability, and this change is driven by an increasingly conscious consumer base. The latter serves as an incentive to encourage the private sector in the UAE to adopt more responsible practices.” . We also note that in line with the UAE’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the true power of business has the potential to be a force for good.”
Aisha concluded: “Companies and their leaders in the UAE are now taking steady steps towards a promising journey aimed at integrating purpose and sustainability. This is a commendable start, but there is general recognition that more can be done. The business community in the UAE is responsible. and recognizes the importance of commitment, pushing the boundaries of sustainability, accelerating the adoption of purposeful strategies and setting an example for others to follow.

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