June 2, 2023

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The world’s first mature butcher shop opens in Dubai

The only store in the world dedicated to mature meat has opened in Dubai. This is a concept shop that has little to do with a traditional butcher shop. Primary cuts of carefully selected matured meat are displayed in a sophisticated glazed cold room. Lamb, duck, roe deer and camel The Ozzy Purified for a period of 28 days to more than 100 days.

This “dry age” shop is an idea Mirko Beatler, Famous for its ripening skills. The person is a hotel specialist with more than twelve years of experience in the restaurant business. He does not hesitate to qualify his refrigerators dedicated to maturity “Labs”.

“During the first fourteen days of maturation, the muscle tissue breaks down because the muscle is 70% water, so the product loses moisture and becomes smaller, but softer.” He explains.

Mirko Beatler opened His shop Among the Govit-19 epidemic. He admits that the environment played a favorable role for him as those who wanted quality meat bought his pieces to prepare and enjoy at home.

“Restaurants and steak houses were closed, but the demand from the speakers remained the same.” he said.

The boutique’s notable attraction is browsing the course for exceptionally mature meats: customers have a “tasting room” where they can taste their meats before purchasing, but are also advised on cooking methods, including the appropriate temperature. For each piece.

Prices for exclusive pieces such as the Value 9+ and Japanese A5 range from 3 euros to 500 euros per kilo for a morphing anchovy beef, rarely from 70 euros per kilo.

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