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A woman is demanding 100,000 dirhams in compensation from a maintenance company for losing her photos


Abu Dhabi Family and Abu Dhabi Court for Civil and Administrative Claims Rejected a woman’s case, demanding 100,000 dirhams in damages to a phone repair company for the loss of photos and data uploaded to her phone during the repair process.

In the details, a woman sued a mobile phone repair company demanding 100,000 dirhams in material and moral compensation, and provided specialized technical expertise to inspect her phone, and stated that she had gone to a specialized company. In selling and repairing mobile phones to fix her phone’s camera, in fact that malfunction was fixed for 420 dirhams, but it was amazing that it destroyed all the data in the phone and caused material and moral damage. He attached with his claim a document, a copy of the final report on the repairs and the invoice issued by the defendant, while the company’s attorney submitted a reply memorandum in which he argued. Unqualified person, and demanded that the case be dismissed and compelled the plaintiff to pay the fees and expenses.

The Court of Appeals held that in accordance with civil law, every harm caused to others, even if he or she is indistinguishable, must be guaranteed harm, and the meaning of this text is that the three pillars of dart liability are for fault and damage and the causal relationship between them, established in the attached documents, ” We’re not responsible for any data loss that is subject to policy or terms. Guaranteed Terms. ” The court explained that the plaintiff had signed the receipt and had not questioned it or challenged it as a forgery. In support of what she said and the absence of an element of error, all liability for the claim for damages would fall, leading to the case being without truth and law, and the court ruling to dismiss the case, and compelling the plaintiff to pay the fees and costs.

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