June 8, 2023

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The worst is bound to come.. Renowned Astronomer Laila Abdel-Latif's predictions shake and frighten viewers.  !

The worst is bound to come.. Renowned Astronomer Laila Abdel-Latif’s predictions shake and frighten viewers. !

The surprises of Lebanese astronomer Laila Abdel Latif continue with her controversial predictions, parallel to the veracity of her predictions about the Beirut explosion and the outbreak of the coronavirus, which will once again appear to us through social media platforms.

For his supporters and readers in Yemen, he read the future of a Yemeni child, which piqued his interest and inspired him to predict his future and to read that the days hide surprises from him, and from here we list the latest predictions for you. Laila Abdel Latif in 2022, in which Yemen is dedicated.

A famous Lebanese fortune teller, Laila Abdulatif, spoke about a Yemeni child, Abdullah Speyan, the only surviving member of his family, who was descended from the Ubaidah tribe in Marib Governorate.

Laila Abdel-Latif expected the child to become a leader within months despite his young age, but he did not show any vendetta against his enemies.

In a reading that comes as close as possible to thinking about his figure, he said of him: “His eyes hide a great secret.”

Also, “The stars will align in his favor towards the end of 2020, reaching a huge sum by the end of the year.”

And he continued, “Even at his young age, the astronomical cycle hides good news for him.”

Based on what Astronomer Lily Abdel Latif mentioned, the common area between Yemen and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is expected to witness some conflicts and disputes while you are expected to witness. A future contract to resolve these issues.

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Conflicts and Controversies The Omani-Saudi-Kuwait deal to end the war in Yemen is expected to win, allowing Yemen to enjoy peace.

Before the start of 2022, Laila Abdel Latif had predicted the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus that rocked the world during a special episode on New Year’s Day on LBCI called “Lahun Only”.

As part of his New Year predictions, he said the dangerous and deadly pandemic would spread globally and cause fear and panic among some people, and insisted that the virus would be more dangerous than H1N1.

As predicted by Laila Abdel-Latif in the “History of Witness” program shown on LBCI, the emergence of a malignant disease in China is causing great concern as the epidemic spreads.