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“The X Factor Arabia” makes a disappointing comeback


The first episode of “The X Factor Arabia” can be described as a disappointing start for the show, which this time landed in Dubai and its satellite station.

The last season of “The X Factor Arabia” was awarded by satellite station MBC in 2015 as a consolation prize to singer Rakeb Alama, after she was eliminated from the “Arab Idol” judging panel, replaced by her compatriot Wael Ghafouri. , after differences of opinion between Alama and Ahlam, it reached the point of contempt.

In Alama’s return to talent shows, she tried to appear victorious against Ahlam, so she sat in the middle between Elisa and Tonya Samir Khanem. But this version was not successful, and all the efforts made by MBC at that time did not result in providing the talent that deserved fame and success. There are several reasons, including a lack of focus on talent and investment through production and work fueling the previously explored differences between artists, that weakened Arabic versions of this type of project.

These TV shows were a huge hit a decade ago and then flopped in the Arab world, where the talent didn’t live up to expectations. To name just a few of the names of the talents that have made it to the launch, including Muhammad Assaf from Palestine (Arab Idol, 2013) and Nassif Zaitoun from Syria, winner of “Star Academy” in 2009.

Last Monday, the first episode of “The X Factor Arabia” was shown in the Arabic version presented by the Dubai Satellite Station. Lebanese singer Rakeb Alama sat on the panel of coaches alongside his Kuwaiti counterpart Abdullah Al-Ruwaish and their Egyptian counterpart Angam.

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The one-hour matches for each coach to pick a team was enough of a disappointment, as the new edition offered nothing new except for decoration. Moreover, apart from Abdullah Al-Ruwais who did not prove his mettle in the “Najm Al-Khalij” program shown on the same Dubai satellite, Ragheb Alama is also one of the expendable faces in this type of program. Channel, or even his colleague who participated in the “Najm Al-Khalij” jury. “In one season.

Nothing but carefully crafted decor. It’s clear that Dubai TV invests in these kinds of shows and brings them something new, even though there’s no guarantee that the show will be successful. Each seasonal program cycle. But all this does not absolve the satellite channel from the responsibility to complete or show a program to “fill” the air by showing various programs that cannot be turned into a tool to showcase talents worthy of fame, success, etc. And the spotlight.

The Dubai version is “another platform to earn fame and money, nothing more.

Eight years later, “The X Factor Arabia” is returning to the small screen in an era of producing alternative platforms, without the testimony of primarily working “stars” for talent who could achieve fame and success comparable to the TV show. Interests.

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