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“Theatre” magazine reviews “Noon” by Jordanian director Majd Al-Qassas


Amman – Al-Dustur – Umar Abu Al-HaijaJordanian newspaper Al-Dustur

The new issue of “Theatre” magazine, published by the Department of Culture in Sharjah, featured various reports, letters, essays and conversations about the current “Father of the Arts” both locally and in the Arab world.Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustur

In the “Introduction” section, the magazine published a report on the activities of the seventh session of the Sharjah Desert Theater Festival organized last December, along with testimonies from several local artists about their experiences at the Ghor Faqan Theater Festival. While preparations are underway to hold its ninth session on January 20th.Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustur

In “Readings”, Khaled Raslan wrote about the play “Al-Namus”, the most recent work of the recently presented Emirati director Muhammad Al-Amiri. Al-Hussam Mokhedin discusses the Syrian director's show “Trees Dance Sometimes”. Osama Halal wrote about “Song of the Good Man” by Ikram al-Jaghali Iraqi director Muhannat. Karim, Jamal Ayyat read Jordanian director Majd Al Ghazas's “Noun” and Anna Akash wrote about “Hidden Magic of the Pillars”. Society by Egyptian director Ahmed Al-Attar, Hossam Al-Masadi, Tunisian director Moyad Kasouani wrote about “Phobia” and Sabri Hafiz wrote about “Antigone in the Amazon”. Razak discusses Swiss Milo Rao and Ahmad Abdel Croatian director Eva Dragan's play “Balonkov's Wife”.Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustur

In “Hiwar” I published an interview Al-Sar Al-Sayed conducted with Sudanese theater director and researcher Saad Youssef Obaid, in which he touched upon the beginnings of his artistic experience and the past and present of theater in his country.Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustur

In “Visions”, Muhammad al-Nawali wrote about the relationship between “theatre and knowledge” and Ziyad Adwan wrote on “Romeo and Juliet and the Snowflake Mentality”.Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustur

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In “Sorouh”, Bassem Sadiq reviews the history of the establishment of the Balloon Theater in Cairo. In “Travels,” author Sharif al-Shafi'i recounts his experience of visiting the Jerash Festival in Jordan three years ago. Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustur

In “follow-ups” we read short interviews with Emirati director Marwan Abdullah Saleh, Algerian actress Asma Sheikh and Egyptian actress and director Rajwa Hamad. Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustur

In the “News” section, the magazine published follow-ups on theater activities in Sharjah, Tunisia, Algeria, Cairo, Muscat, Meknes and Sharm el-Sheikh.Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustur

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