March 29, 2023

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"بيخافوا من الحسد".. نجمات ارتدين إكسسوارات العين الزرقاء كيم كاردشيان الأبرز

“They are afraid of jealousy” .. The stars wore the most important blue eye parts of Kim Kardashian

Nowadays it does not take much time for anyone to create a trend, regardless of fashion, beauty and accessories, thanks to social media, which has given everyone the opportunity to express themselves and express their creativity, as well as more influential thanks to celebrities social media applications.

Celebrities wear blue eyes to ward off jealousy or evil eyes or to ward off negative energy that attacks them, and Kim Kardashian and Rihanna were one of the first celebrities to wear blue eyes on their parts.

Gigi Hadid and Sarah Ali Khan blue eye accessories

In this report, we keep track of the most important stars worn Accessories Blue Eyes Resist Envy and Prevent Evil Eyes According to a report posted on the website Pingvilla.

Celebrities wear blue eyes

Gigi Hadid

Celebrities wearing blue eyewear (3)
Gigi Hadid blue eye accessories

The American model, Gigi Hadid, is one of the most prominent stars wearing blue eyes on their parts. She has more than one blue eye accessories, the last of which was her picture with bubbling braids, where she wore a graduate necklace with blue eyes to protect her from evil eyes.

Kim Kardashian

Stars wearing blue eyes (4)
Kim Kardashian in blue eye parts

American reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, was one of the first to wear this trend, protecting her from evil eyes and negative energy when she wore bangles that included blue eyes.

Rita Ora

Stars wearing blue eyes (5)
Rita Ora wears blue glasses

Rob Kardashian’s girlfriend Rita Ora also wore a large blue sunglasses around her neck.

Naomi Campbell

Stars wearing blue eyes (6)
Naomi Campbell in a blue eye necklace

Also on the red carpet, supermodel Naomi Campbell wore a double necklace with two blue eyes to save her from jealousy.

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January Kapoor

Celebrities wearing blue eyes (7)
Janvi Kapoor in a special necklace

Celebrity Bollywood star Janvi Kapoor also shared a photo of herself wearing a sapphire necklace while on holiday in the Maldives on her official Instagram page.

Sarah Aligon

Stars wearing blue eyes (9)
Sarah Aligon signature blue eye ring

Bollywood star Sarah Alikhan wore blue eyes this time with an elegant ring on her left hand, matching the color of her shoes and matching her colorful dress.