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This week’s Best Google Play Store Apps


The size of Google Play App Library is growing every day and there are hundreds of thousands of new apps to try every day.

There are also some bad apps in the store that are intended to steal your data or are just an advertising tool for the developer to get from it.

So, we’ll be collecting for you weekly the best Google Play Store apps to install on your Android phones, and here’s our list for this week:

Niagara Launcher

The Android system is very customizable because you can completely change the design of the interface of the phone and make it suitable for you without other users.

This can be done by a group of applications that do not require the user’s permission to root or jailbreak the phone.

Niagara Launcher is one of the best apps to help you change the interface of your phone and make it innovative and different from others.

This app basically changes the look of the apps folder, replacing it with a mini list of your favorite apps and next to it an alphabetical list of all apps.

The end result will be unique and different from other Android phones and various interface applications, so we recommend using it.

Download the app for free You can buy the full version of the app at a low price from the Google Play Store.

Moon Reader +

This application is considered as one of the best applications for reading e-books on all devices not only Android because it can handle any kind of e-books.

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If your screen size allows, the app will display books in the format of two adjacent pages, and you can control the font size, the spacing between lines, and more.

This will display your books in a small and elegant library format on the interface so that you can access your books easily and quickly.

Download the app for free Via the Google Play Store.


These apps are one of the best and fastest photo editing apps in the Google Play Store, so you can count on them for your quick designs.

With the introduction of more than one template suitable for various communication methods, the application has also been prepared for image design on social media.

The app has a large collection of free fonts, images and templates that you can use and download in addition to other paid templates.

And you can download Canva Free via Google Play Store, but the app includes some paid templates and images.

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