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Through the steps | Ways to switch from “iOS” to Android .. Learn them


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Monday 29 November 2021


Usually, the user has to transfer personal data between the smartphones when purchasing the new model and dropping the old device. The data transfer process is easier when the newer model works with the same operating system as the older device, but the situation is much different when you want to switch from the “iOS” operating system to the Google Android system.

Martin Cubin, of the German Commission for Testing Products and Products, explained that there are three ways to transition from the work environment of the Apple iOS system to the Google Android operating system, and for the first time through the Google Drive cloud computing service. And the second method is transfer applications, which are already installed on many newer smartphones or other paid software. In the third mode of switching between two smartphone operating systems, the data is transferred manually

Google Drive

If the user relies on the Google Drive cloud computing service, he will need to install the app from the App Store on the old iPhone, after which all the data he wants to transfer to the new smartphone will be uploaded, and Martin Cubin confirmed this. The fastest and most effective way to method is comfort.

The advantage of this method is that contacts, photos and calendar entries are stored in the cloud. This process can take several hours, so Blasius Kawalkoski from the German magazine “Inside Digital.D” suggests that the smartphone battery should be fully charged and the phone connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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If the iPhone owner does not have a Google Account, it is a good idea to create a new account; Since it is necessary to use the new Android phone, the user must use the same account on the new phone when performing data backup operations.

However, this method has one drawback in terms of privacy and data protection, and Martin Cubin explained, “The user cannot be comfortable when all his data is stored on Google’s servers.”

Corporate applications

The German expert confirmed that there are many other alternatives to the Google Drive service; Manufacturers of smartphones that support data transfer, such as the Samsung Smart Switch Application, the Huawei Phone Clone and the LG Mobile Switch, offer their own applications, and the data transfer process takes place over a wireless or cable adapter in some cases.

The German authority testing products and products has confirmed that the process of converting contacts, calendars, photos and video data through the applications of companies that make smartphones, especially Samsung Smart Switch applications, is much easier, but some gaps in the data may appear. Changed, so before transferring data from the old smartphone to the new model, Martin Cubin advises backing up data on cloud computing services, external hard disks, or computer memory.

However, applications cannot change all data, as well as Google Drive cloud computing service, for example, instant communication applications such as WhatsApp and iMessage, data for specific applications or paid applications, and this problem appears with WhatsApp. In particular, Jurge Vertgen’s errors from the application, and c’t magazine stated: “The required backup files are not compatible between Apple’s iOS and Google Android.”

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Payment plans

“Some companies have developed special programs for this, but they are often expensive,” J ஜோrg Wertgen said. Examples of such payment plans are Wazzappmigrator, Mobiletrans or Backuptrans.

If the “WhatsApp” application is very important, it invites the user to invest some of the cost, you can buy the full service package of these programs, which will send SMS text messages, appointments, contacts and photos.

Data Backup

The importance of data backup appears when the user wants to have chat history, and this is done by exporting private conversations and sending the contents to the user’s email, and some instant messaging applications such as Telegram or Trima may have less problems. Switching from Apple “i” OS to Google Android and the downside of the signal is that it’s just as complicated as the WhatsApp app.

The FaceTime application does not work in the context of Google’s Android system, which is also applicable to the iMessage application, and there is no equivalent service in the Google work environment for the SMS text messaging service provided by Apple, so disable both operating systems and iMessage service on the phone’s iPhone, otherwise Apple’s Will not reach the new smartphone.

When it comes to transferring data from iPhone to Android device, the matter is divided into two parts; The new device will be able to easily download free apps from the Google Play App Store, and even the Samsung Smart Switch app will do this automatically when transferring data, but they will not change if the game’s results are not stored on the Internet. Account, and user-paid applications must be redeemed.

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On the other hand, users can easily transfer subscriptions to music and video services to the Google Android phone, while booking directly from the service providers of these services, the Apple Music service also works on Android phones, but if there are subscriptions booked and paid by Apple, in this case, the new Android phone The user must cancel the subscription before switching and then re-contract these services directly with the companies.

German expert Martin Kubin advises copying and pasting the contents of the email manually so that the notes are not easily changed, so that this data is not lost.

Generally, to verify the success of the data transfer process, Jர்க்rg Vertgen instructs the user to keep the old iPhone in a drawer for a couple of months so that he no longer needs his old device and then return the settings to factory mode. So all the data on the iPhone will be deleted before it is sold or given to others.

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