March 30, 2023

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Tie decides clash between Al-Shabaab and Al-Quwa Al-Zawiyah in Arab Championship

Today, Monday, in the first leg at Basra International Stadium, Saudi Al-Shabaab Club imposed a positive draw (1-1) at the expense of its hosts, Iraqi Air Force. First round of King Salman Cup for Arab Clubs 2023.

Al-Shabaab and Al-Quwa Al-Zawiya are on a tough road to finish with Zamalek qualifying for the Arab Championship.

Al-Kwa Al-Jawiyah scored the first goal in the 37th minute, a left-footed shot from outside the penalty area that Korean goalkeeper Kim Seong-kyu couldn’t deal with, and Al-Shabaab trailed (1 -0) in the first half.

Al-Shabaab stepped up their attacking efforts in the second half, which led to a goal by Turki Al-Ammar that was disallowed for offside, angering players due to the lack of video technology in the first round of games. In the Arab Championship.

Saudi Arabia did not let up until goalkeeper Fahad Talib got what he wanted in the 69th minute when Gabonese’s Aaron Bubenza scored a spectacular goal with a left-wing missile.

Al-Shabaab returned to Saudi Arabia in a prestigious tie with the Iraqi Air Force ahead of the match that will unite them on April 16.

The winner between Al-Shabaab and Al-Quwa Al-Zawiya in the second round of the Arab Championship, while the winner between Al-Merik Al-Sudanese and Tishreen Al-Syria, is expected to face a team from this quartet. Group stage will be reached.

The lottery placed the quartet in the Arab Championship’s third group at Zamalek Road, which included Saudi Arabia’s win and (who qualified from Yemen Fahaman, Tunisian Monastery Union, Bahrain Muharraq and Omani Seeb).

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