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Tips for people over the age of fifty .. Here is the most suitable diet


With age, some changes occur in the human body, so those in the fifth decade are recommended to include certain foods in their diet with the aim of strengthening their health and increasing energy in the body.

With each age the body is considered to be in a permanent change, and this demands a change in the human need for food as a result of exposure to certain health risks, i.e. the body needs to be strengthened with age. .

Important Notes

In this context, nutritionist Gigi Al-Baba confirms that people over the age of fifty should aspire to a balanced diet and not re-eat foods that they were accustomed to at an earlier age.

In an interview with Al-Arabi in Doha, Al-Baba explained that there are foods that are healthy for this age group, and that they include whole grain carbohydrates such as oats and whole wheat, as well as protein, so you can focus on chicken and meat as a source of calcium, and move on. And in addition to walking and sun exposure for bone protection, when eating fruits and vegetables.

Pope Benedict pointed out that foods high in sugar or foods that saturate the body with saturated and hydrogenated fats should be avoided, recalling the presence of these fats in processed foods and calling for attention. Natural foods.

Pope points out that the amount of water to be consumed is related to the amount of food that enters the body, but the body needs to be dehydrated and drink one and a half or two liters. Water at daily rate.

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The nutritionist concludes that some foods, such as kiwi, capsicum, strawberry, lemon and all citrus fruits, contain antioxidants, so it is important to follow a healthy diet combined with natural foods to combat aging. , In addition to all kinds of nuts.

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