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Ammon – Headphones are one of the tools that many people use to listen to various audio clips, make phone calls and talk to others. But sometimes, you can hear distortion in the sound and its quality and clarity decrease due to various reasons, the most important of which is the type of headphones you are using, as most cheap headphones of low quality cause sound problems. The listening experience is less enjoyable.

However, there are some tips to improve the sound quality of headphones and get a better audio experience, regardless of their type, and we will mention the following:

1- Use suitable earplugs:
Earbuds may have great sound quality, but if you don’t choose the right size eartips, you won’t get the highest quality earphones have to offer.

Most wireless earphones and regular wired earphones come with ear plugs in several sizes. Try each size on to check fit, a perfect fit should be comfortable and isolate ambient noise.

2- Adjust the EQ settings:
Earbuds have different types (sound signatures) that indicate how certain frequencies are boosted or cut in the earphones, changing the way you hear the music.

For example, high-end earphones typically produce sound signatures that are more balanced, meaning that every type of music sounds the same without amplification. Whereas cheaper earphones add more bass to all sounds, something many people prefer.

If you don’t like the default sound signature of the earphones you’re using, adjust the EQ to your liking, lowering or boosting the frequencies to suit your preferences.

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3- Use an external DAC:
Smartphones, tablets and laptops all come with a built-in DAC, a digital-to-analog converter that converts digital signals into audio signals, allowing you to listen to music. If the sound quality isn’t great with the headphones you’re using, adding an external DAC can help improve the sound quality a bit.

4- Clean the headphone jack:
If you’re using wired earphones, make sure the headphone jack is clean. Because a dirty and dusty jack can block the signal and cause loud and noisy audio. Depending on the type of jack on the earphone you are using; Dirt can cause one of the two speakers to stop working.

5- Activate the noise canceling feature on the wireless earbuds:
If the wireless earphones you use have noise cancellation (ANC), turn it on to isolate the noise around you and improve the sound quality so you can hear your tracks clearly.

6- Sit in a quiet room.
If you’re in a place with a lot of ambient noise, like a bus stop, train station, or park, it’s normal for the sounds around you to interfere with the music or audio you’re listening to.

If you’re not using headphones that support noise cancellation, moving to a quieter room can help increase sound clarity, and you won’t have to turn up the volume, which is important when using low-quality headphones. Sounds become distorted when the volume is turned up.

On the other hand, if you use headphones that support noise cancellation, you may not want to enable it as it will reduce the battery life of the headphones, while disabling this feature and moving to a quieter room allows you to hear audio clips clearly. For a long time; Because you will save battery life.

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