August 13, 2022

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To reassure allies, the Pentagon is sending 7,000 additional troops to Germany.

To reassure allies, the Pentagon is sending 7,000 additional troops to Germany.

A senior U.S. official announced on Thursday that the Defense Ministry would send 7,000 more troops, including war teams, to Germany, on the orders of President Joe Biden, to prevent the Russian occupation of Ukraine and reassure allies.

The official explained that the goal of the new deployment, which will take place in the coming days, is to “assure NATO allies, prevent Russian aggression and be prepared to support needs in the region.”

Following Russian invasion of Ukraine, it was condemned by most countries of the world as Russian President Vladimir Putin broke all diplomatic ethics and continued with his expansionist policy.

On the field, Ukrainian forces are trying to repel a Russian offensive that has affected some Ukrainian military bases.

The military situation in favor of a militarily strong Russia was behind Washington’s decision to send more support to Germany.

Earlier on Thursday, a senior Western intelligence official confirmed that Russia now has “absolute air supremacy” in Ukraine and wants to build “more troops” around the capital, Kiev.

“Ukraine’s air defenses have now been destroyed and they have no air force to defend themselves,” the official said.

In the coming hours, the Russians will seek to mobilize a large force around the capital, and the security forces will be in the hands of the opposition. “

In addition, the Ukrainian military announced on Thursday that it had repulsed two attacks by Russian forces and regained control of the area in the first hour of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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A statement from the Al-Hurra website said, “As of 5 pm today, Russian forces are continuing their violent offensive along the common border between the two countries.”

“Russian planes are carrying out spy operations from airports in neighboring Belarus,” the statement added.

AFP: All crew killed in Russian military plane crash

PostedAlhurra Alhurra ChannelOn Thursday, February 24, 2022

The report confirmed that Ukrainian forces had been able to halt the advance of Russian forces in the (eastern) Sevarsky region, where a war using tanks was still going on.

According to the report, an army of Ukrainian tanks succeeded in stopping the advance of Russian armored columns near the city of Badur and on the outskirts of Chernihiv in northern Ukraine.

He said a Russian force was trying to make a tactical landing near Lake Kiev and about 20 helicopters were able to land at the airport in Hostom, located northwest of the capital. airport.