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Bin Dook: Inflation is an import, and the policies of the United Arab Emirates are to protect the rights of consumers.


Sharjah: Farooq Fayyat

Economy Minister Abdullah bin Dukh al-Marri has said that the United Arab Emirates aims to raise the size of its national economy to nearly 3 trillion dirhams by 2030, compared to the 1.4 trillion dirhams recorded in 2020.
Bin Dook added: “We have previously announced corporate and economic agreements with eight countries; The tariff system, on the one hand, is in line with the bilateral framework between the Emirates and the other countries we sign, while at the same time pointing out that the UAE has succeeded in overcoming the consequences of many challenges. Very remarkable; Thanks to the corona virus epidemic, its updated law, associated laws and economic incentives. It was able to achieve strong economic growth rates
This happened during a press conference held by Bin Dook on Thursday as part of the activities of the first edition of the “Investopia” agreement between the Sharjah Foreign Direct Investment Office and the Ministry of Economy. Shrook’s CEO Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal and Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Economy Abdullah Al Saleh and Mohammed Zuma Al Musharraf, Managing Director of the Office of Investment in Sharjah.
Bin Duke continued: Our national economy has become more flexible, and by 2020 we have attracted foreign direct investment of nearly $ 20 billion, which is better than the rates recorded in 2019, and the levels of inflation in local markets are seen. ; As a result of the global wave of inflation, the state’s economic policies are mainly driven to protect the rights of consumers and to monitor prices to ensure good growth rates are achieved.

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Investobia Investment Summit announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Foreign Direct Investment Office (Investment in Sharjah) to co-operate and enrich the workshops held during the first edition of the Summit discussions and workshops. Investobia Investment Summit on March 28 in the framework of exhibition activities. Expo 2020 Dubai.
Under the MoU, the Sharjah Foreign Direct Investment Office (Investment in Sharjah) will participate in the first and second editions of the Investopia Investment Summit in 2022 and 2023, respectively. Sharjah.

Promising opportunities

Abdullah Al Saleh said: “In line with the“ 50 Plans ”announced by the UAE Government in September 2021, Investobia is integrating all National Investment Opportunities and Development Plans of the Seven Emirates. The site ensures that it is a tourist site, an industrial site, an investment site and a cultural site.
Al-Saleh added: “The MoU comes in the context of a number of key partnerships for the Investobia Investment Summit, which will kick off during the next phase of the summit, which will reach rich and diverse discussions on solutions to the challenges facing economies.” The world.

Friendly environment

For his part, Al Musharraf said: Sharjah’s special session within the Investobia Summit confirms the UAE’s position as an attractive destination for foreign and local investment and a friendly environment for entrepreneurs, projects and emerging companies in the region. This session will discuss the promising investment opportunities in the emirate, which have had great success in terms of diversified economic sectors and sustainable growth, and have established an advanced model for comprehensive growth in its economic and social dimensions. He pointed out that this agreement with the Ministry of Economy reflects the perspective and prudent vision of all organizations and institutions in the United Arab Emirates on how to improve the future national economy and its growth and competitiveness factors. The last two years have seen the global economy.

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