March 29, 2023

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ندوة للفنانة سلوى خطاب ضمن فعاليات مهرجان الإسكندرية السينمائي اليوم

Today is a seminar of Salva Kattap within the activities of the Alexandria Film Festival

Today, Sunday, a seminar will be held by artist Salva Kattab to cover the 37th session of the Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean countries, and the symposium will be moderated by critic Mohamed Youssef at 1:30 p.m. , In the presence of many artists and creators in the field of art.

The opening ceremony of the 37th session of the Alexandria Film Festival for the Mediterranean countries began with a session chaired by the critically acclaimed Prince Abasa under the slogan “Cinema for Life” named after Best Director Ali Badragan. Thursday

Many artists including artist Khalid Al-Savi, artist Rania Farid Shaqi, Manal Salama, director Ali Badrahan, Ilham Shaheen, director Omar Abdel Aziz, artist Ahmed Wabiq, journalist Bosi Shalabi, artist attended the event. Hala Chetki, artist Kareem Qasem.

The inaugural function was graced by a number of artists led by director Ali Bhadragan and the late writer Qadir Heigal and his daughter, writer Sama Abu Bakr Essad and writer Khalid Montessori. , The honor of the director and the honor of one of his family, the photographer Tariq al-Delmisani, who was not in an emergency situation, was able to achieve great success in all the works he presented, and were also honored by artist Khalid al-Savi, artist Salwa Ghattab and critic Khairya al-Bashlawi.

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