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Take the first step in advance .. Postponing the investment may be the biggest financial mistake you make | Scientist


If you start investing, you are more likely to make a profit in the long run.

Entrepreneur and motivational spokesperson Nido Cobain says, “Current conditions do not define where you can get, they define your starting point.” In other words, if your current income is not enough to invest in meeting your goals, it will not stop you from making a decision. Start investing more.

According to Forbes magazine:ForbesAmerican – in a statement – wasting some good investment opportunities does not mean you missed the train, there are always valuable opportunities that can be used, and should not be postponed until later.

You may have heard all the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies because people use Bitcoin to pay rent and make all kinds of daily purchases.

Standard Chartered Investment Bank has announced that the value of Bitcoin will rise to $ 100,000 in late 2021 or early next year, but the rise of Bitcoin is not alone as analysts expect the value of cryptocurrencies to rise significantly. And the value of each coin is $ 175,000.

Investing a small percentage of your annual income will lead to a $ 3.3 million increase in pension (shutterstock)

Do not delay the first step

According to the magazine, short-term contracts can bring you big profits, but unlike long-term investment, you can set aside capital to avoid market fluctuations and maximize returns over time.

This means that when you start investing, it is especially true to diversify your investment portfolio into multiple asset classes to minimize the potential for long-term profits, especially to minimize risks and losses and protect your money from market fluctuations.

Research indicates that the investment yields an annual return of 8 to 10%, and over the past 70 years, stock market prices have increased by 1,100%. This means that if you only invested $ 1,000 7 decades ago, your income today is worth more than a million dollars.

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Nerdwallet’s new study shows that investing a small percentage of your annual income can lead to a $ 3.3 million increase in pensions.

The study reviewed financial data from the last four decades to determine how much a 25-year-old with an average annual income of $ 40,000 could accumulate over 40 years if he invested 15 percent of his income.

Despite the value of investing at an early stage, CNBC figures confirm that less than half of Americans under the age of 30 invest in the stock market, and Alli Financial Research shows that 61% of the sounds invested by many adults are intimidating.

According to a survey conducted by Investopedia, most people do not realize that they have enough knowledge to enter the world of investment.

But fortunately – the magazine says – there are applications and robots that work with artificial intelligence, which provide the advice needed to make the optimal investment and the fear goes away when you take the first step.

According to the magazine, you should not wait to repay all debts until you start investing, because you will have to wait a lot and you will not be able to accept future risks as the amount of debt increases.

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