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Today, Monday, August 1, 2020 – the price of the dollar in Sudan


Homeland – Today, August 1, 2022, the price of the dollar in Sudan, after the rise seen yesterday on Sunday, saw stability in the transactions of the banks.

The price of the dollar in Sudan today

The price of the dollar in Sudan today is 568 pounds for buying and 572.26 pounds for selling.

Euro price today in Sudan

Today, Monday, the price of the Euro in Sudan was recorded at 580.60 pounds for buying and 584.96 pounds for selling.

Pound sterling price today in Sudan

Today Monday, the price of the sterling pound in Sudan is 691.48 pounds for buying and 696.66 pounds for selling.

Saudi riyal price today in Sudan

The Saudi riyal against the Sudanese pound today was 149.51 pounds for buying and 150.63 pounds for selling.

UAE dirham price in Sudan today

The price of Emirati Dirham today in Sudan with official banks is 154.67 pounds for buying and 155.83 pounds for selling.

Qatari riyal price in Sudan today

The price of Qatar Riyal in Sudan today is 155.27 pounds for buying and 156.44 pounds for selling.

Omani rial price today in Sudan

The Omani Rial price in Sudan today is 1475.75 pounds for buying and 1486.77 pounds for selling.

Kuwaiti dinar price today in Sudan

The Kuwaiti Dinar rate in Sudan today was recorded at 1830.55 pounds for buying and 1846.61 pounds for selling in the official market today.

Sudan’s economic collapse has been reflected in the local currency, with billions of dollars worth of foreign aid halted after army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan declared a state of emergency on October 25. It is witnessing a significant decline against the US dollar these days.

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A few days ago, Sudanese authorities raised fuel prices for the fourth time in three months, announcing a nearly 15% increase, raising fears that prices of all basic commodities would be affected.

According to the new increase, a liter of petrol is distributed to consumers at 760 pounds; That means 748 pounds is about 1.4 dollars per liter of petrol.

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