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World’s weirdest blogger shocks its audience via social media .. “Talaat is not real”



Blogger stirs up controversy on various social networks, creates an audience through the content they provide, receives thousands of likes and comments, followers and followers interact with them through “social media”, but what is strange is what a woman named “Rosie” did on the social network Instagram.

Korean Blogger Stirs Up Controversy on “Social Media”

I have Korean girl “Rosie” has more than 130,000 followers on the app “Instagram” because she is popular among fans for her beauty and after the controversies and problems that usually come from some bloggers on “social media” platforms, she has been in the spotlight. According to a CNN report, the content he provides is his adventures around the world.

Rosie appears in many looks that earn her the admiration of her fans and followers and she is distinguished by her sweet voice and she dominates the stage. Social media The Korean community has also found its success in the world of fashion, until a Korean network surprised viewers and associates after saying it was a virtual influencer and had nothing to do with reality. For humans until everyone believes it.

Fashion shows with virtual effects

She opened up after a follower asked her: “Are you a real person? Or an artificial intelligence robot?”, until the Korean company replied that it is a virtual influencer capable of doing many things that a person can do, and it is a way for the company to make a lot of money, and not only that, the company has succeeded in releasing two songs and creating a platform for virtual effects fashion shows. received

The Korean company was interested in creating a blogger like “Rosie”, their attempt to create unrelated models for the problems arising from “influencers”. Put it on a man during a fashion show.

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